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Unit four - Assignment Example

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Nursing Name Institute Date Nursing 1) What initiatives and training materials are available in your hospital or agency for the recognition and reporting of domestic or child abuse? (KN) The hospital takes advantage of the American Nurses Association’s suggestions on educating clinicians and nurses about the different ways of identifying child abuse, while also conducting conferences that function as training courses that can help nurses and other medical practitioners to be able to identify instances of child abuse…
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Unit four
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Extract of sample "Unit four"

Download file to see previous pages There are different behaviors that can be used to identify child abuse. In the caregivers or parents of the child, these may include: Any reluctance to expose their children or charges to medical examination. Some parents also take their children to different medical facilities in order not to draw suspicion or added questions about the true cause of injuries. There are parents who have offered no valid reasons to explain why their children have wounds or injuries. Some parents refuse to let medical workers speak to their children alone. They also answer on their children’s behalf. There are instances where the caregiver or parent is unresponsive to the child even though the child appears to almost be a young adult who seeks to meet the emotional needs of the parent In the case of the child, these may include: The presentation of a depressed child who seems unduly anxious and is too eager to please the parent. Some children even show a deep fear of the parent. The child may also exhibit emotional problems that are inconsistent with their young age. These may include nightmares or temper tantrums. Other children appear to be emotionally unavailable and do not seek comfort even when they are exposed to suffering. On the other hand, they may appear to be overly-obedient towards their parent or care-giver. When expected to undress, the child may show a reluctance at taking their clothes off, or exhibit extreme passivity when the nurse or doctor starts to examine them In most cases where the child is being severely physically abused, the child will warily follow the parent or care-giver with his eyes as though seeking to perceive when the next blow might come (Wortans, Happell and Johnstone, 2006). 2) Identify where the ethical principles of autonomy, justice, fidelity, beneficence, non-malfeasance, and veracity are implied in the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurse with Interpretive Statements (ANA, 2001) to guide the practice of the manager. The ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses was created to be a guide for conducting nursing responsibilities in a way that would maintain or preserve the best standards of nursing care. This code also seeks to uphold the ethical obligations of the nursing profession. The first code, non-malfeasance, or ‘first do no harm’, is descriptive of the nurse's obligation to preserve the patient's safety. It is a throwback to the ancient ‘Hippocratic Oath’, and states that the doctor’s first responsibility is to keep from taking actions that will further compromise the health of the patient even before starting to treat the ailment or injury that is affecting the patient. Beneficence, which is the second principle, speaks to ethical concerns; particularly when there is a discrepancy between what may be considered as being good between the patient and hospital, nurse and patient, or even between patients themselves. Options that may have varied moral consequences include approved services, financial reimbursement, matters concerning physical or sexual abuse, or organizational issues like the peck-of-command. Autonomy is the third ethical code and refers to patients’ right to self-determination. For instance, patients have the right to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Unit Four Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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