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Communication in the Workplace Name Professor Institution Course Date Communication in the Workplace For an organization to run efficiently without any form of mishaps or related factors, one aspect that should receive utmost consideration and attention is communication…
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Lunch Low-Down Improving Communication Organizational in the Workplace
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Communication in the Workplace Communication in the Workplace For an organization to run efficiently withoutany form of mishaps or related factors, one aspect that should receive utmost consideration and attention is communication. Communication within an organization refers to the manner through which workers relate to each other in the organization. This does not have to be between specific workers but can be between workers and higher management, higher management and its members or even worker to worker in the same level. Communication organization has been an issue in many different organizations and this is evidenced by one Greenstead organization based in the Information Technology industry. The organization has a well-set strategy; however, the only reason unto why the company never progresses is due to poor communication in the workplace. It is after this study that I decided to bring in the Lunch low down. The Lunch low down is a well-integrated strategy aimed at improving and enhancing the amount of communication within an organization. The lunch low down involves the calling or the converging of workers in a certain organization at least once a month in a manner that is much friendly and relaxing. This means that the meeting should not involve any form of business related activities. For optimum results of the strategy, it is advisable not to hold the meeting at the workplace (Jones, 2009). This is because the work environment keeps the workers in a state of psychological focus and despite the fact that there should not be any form of work involved, the mood is that of work. Having the meeting in a far place where the workers are free assists in freeing the stressed mind and break the monotony of work. Employees are bound to benefit greatly from the lunch low down strategy. This is to be achieved through various means and for different reasons. The strategy involves the employees going out of their way to set aside all their differences and sacrifice a few of their hours to head out and have some sort of lunch together. For the effectiveness of the strategy, one thing kept in mind is coordination. There is supposed to be an effective coordinator of the lunch low down for it to run smoothly (Storey, 2010). The best form of lunch low down is one characterized by games. Games are the best form of lunch low down. This is because they are fun and engaging. Moreover, the competitive characters of the work mates are portrayed and thus the characters tend to understand each other. It is important to understand each other from a personal level. This assists in the understanding of various traits that different characters may bear. The traits are unique to each person and learning them helps in that some people may bear delicate characteristics such as a short temper. These people should not be disturbed as this may trigger them to carry out activities that may make the development of the organization to stall (Papa, 2010). The employees individually get to know each other and an effective communication work place assists in the growth of the organization as a whole. This is because in case of anything, the workers are there to support each other. This works efficiently as before the introduction of the Lunch low down strategy, workers did not know each other nor had any interpersonal relationship before (Miller, 2011). This works as it assists in opening up of a person’s feelings where they have the ability to state what it is that they do not like about a certain character in the organization. By doing this they can request the person to change or improve in the behavior. This kind of openness is what will lead to an improved organization and will build on trust within the workers. An outdoor meeting where they can have a forum away from job is also a good manner of carrying out the Lunch Low Down. This is effective as the workers get to engage each other in questions that would help improve the organization as a whole. Moreover, the organization gets the advantage of having a credible organizer who ensures that everything runs smoothly. There should also exist a forum through which people can share their ideas in an effort to find out the best strategy for the organization (Pawelzik, 2011). The best way to take action is by ensuring that there is the attendance of the Lunch Low Down at least once a month. It thus advisable that at the beginning of each month or at their internal monthly meetings, the department heads come up with a set date that has fewer activities to hold the Low Down. Furthermore, for optimum results, advice is that everybody in the organization attends the meeting. Due to this rule, every worker within the organization should ensure that their schedule is clear for that day as no other activity could mean more than the development of the workplace that would come to benefit all eventually. It is due to this that the workers should bear in mind that the organization’s interests are best held for the greater excellence. References Miller, K. (2011) Organizational Communication. Chicago: Chicago University Press. Papa, M. (2010). Organizational Communication: Approaches and Processes. London: Oxford University Press. Pawelzik, B. (2011). Communication in Business. New York: McGraw Hill Publishers. Jones, P. (2009). Strategic Organization. New York: McGraw Hill Publishers. Storey, J. (2010). Leadership in Organizations: Current Issues and Trends. New York: Cengage Learning Read More
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