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Business Etquette for Business Communications Course - Speech or Presentation Example

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The author of the "Business Etiquette for Business Communications Course" paper takes a quick survey of three groups of accepted behavior in a business setting. These are conventional business etiquette, information age etiquette, and international business…
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Business Etquette for Business Communications Course
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Extract of sample "Business Etquette for Business Communications Course"

Download file to see previous pages Who wants to give a guess? How about you (pointing at someone in the audience), yes, what is your name? Adam? What do you think, Adam – Money, Machines, Management, and Manpower? Why do you think so? And how about you, ma’am (someone else in the audience) – do you agree with him?

I think we are all in agreement: you could have Money, Machines and Management, but without Manpower, you cannot have a business. And unless you have good Manpower working well together, you cannot have a successful business.

Do people work well together naturally? Those of you who are familiar with office politics will say, “Of course not!” You are right: left to themselves, few people work well together unless they follow a code of conduct, patterns of behavior, that minimizes conflict between them. These patterns of behavior are collectively known as business etiquette.

Errors in dealing with persons in the course of a business transaction can have disastrous results. For instance, it may result not only in a lost sale but lost sales, because a wronged customer may decide not to transact with you forever. Poor etiquette may also cause troubled relationships with the boss, co-workers, and suppliers or collaborators

1. Use polite words. Polite words are sometimes belittled as “grease”; but grease can be good because they help run things smoothly. Polite words should not be reserved only for the customers and the boss. Everyone deserves your consideration, even colleagues and especially the “people below”. People get along better and work gets done faster when they treat each other with respect and goodwill.

2. Express sincere appreciation and praise. More often than not, people want to do a good job and work hard at it. When they have done so, it is normal for them to look forward to a word of praise or commendation on a job well done. The praise must be sincerely given and should have been well earned, for it to be valued by the recipient ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business Etquette for Business Communications Course Speech or Presentation.
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