Electronic Communication in the Service and HRM Sectors - Research Paper Example

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Electronic Communication in the Service and HRM Sectorsd Kip Cruz Assignment 2-4-2 COMM320-R1WW (SU12) Professor Hollywood May 20, 2012 Abstract The paper deals with the issue of electronic communication in the modern business world. On the example of electronic communication in HRM practices, both advantages and disadvantages of electronic communication are discussed…
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Electronic Communication in the Service and HRM Sectors
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Download file to see previous pages It is claimed further on that HRM is focused on an individual and the positive effects of electronic communication improve organization’s performance. Nevertheless, both face-to-face communication and electronic communication depend on trust, reliability and openness.  Introduction Electronic communication has rushed into the business world. A new era of communication has borne its fruits. Currently, any organization introduces different forms of electronic communication to foster business success. Therefore, e-mails and IMs, social networks and online conferences discussed further are positioned as modern solutions for business challenges. E-communication is a helpful and effective tool enabling people to share their ideas and thoughts instantaneously. E-mail in business is an effective tool of sharing one’s ideas, receiving instantaneous messages, and fostering business: “Organizations can use electronic mail for product development, training, giving, and receiving work assignments, testing, personnel administration, problem solving, posting notices, marketing, and sending personal communication. Many organizations believe e-mail gives them a competitive advantage, because it is fast, inexpensive, readily available, and not dependent on receiver availability” (Nantz & Drexel 1995, p. 45). This type of electronic communications is especially important for human resource managers, which use it for new employees’ searching or communicating with the employees of the organization. Business letters are delivered quickly and the sustainability of information sent in these messages is relevant to current issues of any business field. A special role electronic communication plays for HRM. E-mail communication can play both a positive and a negative role for a sender. Thus, an individual shoula be careful what and how you e-mail. In any case, whatever he/she writes or sends by means of the Internet can be shown to other people, criticized, or misinterpreted. Cyberspace is cruel, and the material sent should be properly considered and grammatically and ethically correct. No vague, intricate, or intimidating messages should occur on the web (Hartman, Lewis & Powell, 2002). Otherwise, a business email turns into a messy and a casual note. Thus, one should set clear goals and proofread messages, because e-mails are means of effective business communication. HRM managers should be focused on appropriate usage by the employees of electronic communication both at work and at home. Very often, an employee can post intimidating messages about his employer and this type of behavior should be appropriately controlled by human resource managers. Challenges and Opportunities of Online Communication in HRM The modern business world is full of opportunities. Both technological innovations and Internet development foster online communication. Modern organizations implement different forms of online communication in their daily practices and try to solve the problems of communication barriers among employers and employees. There is a need to communicate online in compliance with etiquette norms. Business messages should be grammatically correct, concise and relevant (Flynn, 2004). Vague or long letters should be deleted and rewritten, because it distracts attention of the receiver. IMs are used to receive more instantaneous answers, while ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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