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Commuincation in Business Culture - Term Paper Example

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Communication in Business Culture The nature of successful communication expansive in that covers an array of contexts and perspectives. One of the most widely considered subject areas is that of communicating in business cultures. Within this area of understanding, there are specified rules and appropriate areas of conduct…
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Commuincation in Business Culture
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Download file to see previous pages This essay explains the rules in communicating in a business culture and explains situations when a rule may be violated. When considering communication in business culture it’s clear there are a number of overarching rules one must consider. When considering communication in the business context, it’s first necessary to examine the nature of forms of communication. In these regards, there is the obvious form of face-to-face communication in the specific business environment. Still, there are numerous other forms of communication that do not involve such interaction. For instance, business communication increasingly involves technological mediation, with employees remaining in context with each other through email, telephone, or forms of social media. One of the notable features of these elements of communication is the understanding that in large-part the medium of communication influences the rules for successful communication. In further examining the rules of communication within business culture it’s clear there are a number of rules that emerge. One of the primary rules of business communication is avoiding barriers to direct and efficient communication practices. One of the primary barriers to communication is complex-messages. ...
Not following this rule can result in decreased efficiency levels, as employees need to work to ensure that they gained the correct meaning of the message. In more serious business contexts, it is even possible for such forms of communication to have disastrous consequences. Still, it’s recognized that there are instances when individuals need to use complex messages in business communication. For instance, in financial climates or areas of high-density business, it’s clear that in properly articulating messages it’s necessary to implement complex linguistic forms of expression. Another major rule of communication in the business culture concerns the importance of not withholding information. While withholding information is slightly more complex a formulation than the rule of not delivering complex messages, it’s equally important. The nature of a functional business environment relies on open and clear communication practices. Indeed, it’s been argued that, “if employees consistently withhold information the issue can become a pervasive one affecting all levels of organizational structure” (Dianne 2010, pg. 111). When employees withhold information this results in decreased efficiency levels and affects the company’s ultimate profitability. Withholding information occurs for a variety of reasons. For instance employees may withhold information as a means of maintaining power through knowledge disparity. In this context of understanding, one considers the notion of ‘knowledge is power’ as a central consideration. Other employees may withhold information from each other simply out of a general dislike or avoidance. In these regards, it’s necessary for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Commuincation in Business Culture Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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