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Business Etiquette in South Korea - Term Paper Example

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South Korea is a country in East Asia. It is a developing country and many new businesses are planned for implementation in the near future. The paper also analyses such issues and makes recommendations as to the suitability business environment in South Korea from societal and cultural perspective. …
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Business Etiquette in South Korea
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"Business Etiquette in South Korea"

Download file to see previous pages (Nam, 2010, pp. 84-86) Business Dress: Dark business suits with white shirts should be worn by the men. They should avoid jewelry except the watch and wedding ring. Women should wear restrained colors and dress conventionally (South Korea - Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette, n.d.) Casual Dress: Any attire that is worn in major cities of the world is worn in South Korea. Jeans, skirt and T-shirts mostly constitute casual dress. Wearing sunglass is offensive. If it is worn, it should be removed while talking to others or entering a building. Hanbok is a traditional dress worn by both genders in South Korea on traditional festivals and social events. (Korean Dress, 2007) Working Hours: South Korea has one of the highest annual working hours on an average in the world. Although there is a legislation of maximum 40hrs workweek, maximum 5 days workweek and maximum 12 hours per day, the practice has not changed much. Working till late is usual. (Working in South Korea, 2009) Vacations: 15 days of paid vacation is available to full time workers who have been with the company for more than 80% of the calendar year. (Working in South Korea, 2009) Business Card Etiquette: South Koreans like to know the person before entering in a business deal. Therefore, in the initial meeting, exchange of business card is important. It is advisable to get the reverse side of the business card translated in Korean language. It is usual to provide and receive business card with both hands. It should be read with reverence and deliberation before keeping it on the table. (Gorrill, 2006, p. 3) Punctuality & Attitude towards time: South Koreans are...
South Korea is a country in the eastern Asia. The official languages of the country are Korean and English. Majority of South Koreans have no affiliation to religion. Its society is male dominated. This study investigates the business etiquette in South Korea in order to help out new business plans in the country.
The business etiquette in South Korea gains much importance in such scenario. Foreign companies require detailed understanding in this regard. With this as the background, this paper vividly discusses the business etiquette and various issues related to it in the South Korean business environment.
A thorough investigation of the business etiquette in South Korea reveals that the business environment in the country is favorable. There are no major hurdles to business as far as culture and etiquette in South Korea are concerned. Only the critical points discussed herein above regarding gifting, negotiations and meetings need to be kept in mind while doing business. Besides, there is ample scope of refreshment and entertainment in South Korea. This is another major factor that will aid business development in the country in the future. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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