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Identity refers to the uniqueness of a person often presented through self-concept inner thoughts, performances and descriptions. Perception on the other hand refers…
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Identity of Interpersonal relationships
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Identity of interpersonal relationships Introduction Identities and perception are vital features that influence both intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships. Identity refers to the uniqueness of a person often presented through self-concept inner thoughts, performances and descriptions. Perception on the other hand refers to the self-awareness that influences an individual’s interactions with other things and people in the society. The above definitions portray the importance of understanding identity and perception. The two are important in the day-to-day interactions among people. People develop trust with each other depending on the uniqueness of each other. Identity and perception for example manifest themselves through social interactions with others. Through such interactions, people share ideas and exchange views on varying topical issues in a society. The interactions thus portray the uniqueness of the values of an individual all of which portray both their identities and perceptions about the topical issues.
Talk and interpersonal relationships on the other hand are the basis of social interactions. The success of such interactions relies on the uniqueness of an individual and their ability to hold effective social interactions through talk. Humans are social beings who rely on social interactions and talk to create reliable interpersonal relationships. People create new interpersonal relationships on a daily basis. Some of such relationships persist while others die. The survival of the interpersonal relationships relies on the identities and perceptions of the respective individuals in the relationships. As explained earlier, identity refers to the uniqueness of every individual. People therefore form interpersonal relationships depending on their ability to share similar values. The ability to share similar values on the other hand arises from the similarity of the identity of the people.
Every profession requires effective personalities and the ability to form successful interpersonal relationships. A journalist for example is a social individual capable of interacting with different people appropriately. A journalist should create effective and reliable relationship with other journalists from other institutions. This way, another journalist would readily share information about news events thereby helping one obtain scoops where possible. Such relationships are forms of friendships that rely on the ability of an individual to share social values with the friend. Additionally, a journalist interviews varied news sources on a daily basis. The effectiveness of a news story relies on the reliability of the source. A journalist should therefore form appropriate rapport with their news sources and gain their trust and confidence especially when investigating serious issues. The journalist must have effective communication skills in order to observe both verbal and nonverbal forms of communication in order to obtain the information from the sources.
In retrospect, chapters 5 and 6 are related since they address fundamental concepts in basic communication. Communication is the basis for interpersonal relationships. People must always possess appropriate communication skills in order to succeed in their respective careers. Identities and perception are important in the determination of social values. The two are therefore valuable in the formation of interpersonal relationships. As people interact, they talk. Speech sustains interpersonal relationships. Additionally, through their talks, people portray their identities and their beliefs in specific social and cultural values. As such, identity, interpersonal relationships, perception and talk are interrelated concepts that enhance each other systematically.
Duck, S., & McMahan, D. T. (2012). The basics of communication: A relational perspective. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications. Read More
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Identity of Interpersonal Relationships Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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