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This paper will analyze the movie, Friends with Benefits, and analyze five concepts learned in class in relation to the movie, providing clear descriptive examples from the movie. The essay will discuss the concepts of self-disclosure, identity management, perception and interpersonal conflicts, and how they relate to the movie…
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Analysis of The Friends with Benefits movie (Interpersonal Communications)
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Download file to see previous pages Friends with Benefits is a movie about a New York based head-hunter, Jamie, attempting to sign Dylan, an individual based in Los Angeles, for her client. When Dylan accepts the job and makes the move, he rapidly becomes friends with Jamie. The friendship turns into a relationship with benefits. Nonetheless, Jamie has an emotionally dented past and Dylan has a past of not being emotionally available. This makes both Dylan and Jamie not to attempt to fall for one another. In addition, both Dylan and Jamie terminate their relationships with their loved ones, both of them promising to remain out of emotional engagements. When Jamie employs Dylan to manage the art department of GQ in New York City, and she is the only individual Dylan knows in this area, they make a decision of becoming friends with sexual gains.
The friends with benefits relationship between the two works properly until Jamie has an encounter with a pediatric cardiologist who might just be her match and Dylan asks her to accompany him to Los Angeles to celebrate thanksgiving. This illustrates a number of signals because Dylan may be perceived as being jealous of the doctor or Jamie may be sending new signals in the path of Dylan. (Bradshaw, 2011). This paper will analyze the movie, Friends with Benefits, and analyze five concepts learned in class in relation to the movie, providing clear descriptive examples from the movie of those concepts. The essay will discuss the concepts of self-disclosure, identity management, perception, emotions and interpersonal conflicts, and how they relate to the movie. Self-disclosure refers to both the subconscious and conscious act of providing extra information regarding oneself to other people. This may entail, but is not restricted to, dreams, thoughts, fears, feelings, successes, aspirations, failures, goals, favorites, dislikes, and likes. Characteristically, a self-disclosure takes place when an individual at the outset meets another person and continues as the individual develops and builds their relationship with another person. As people get to know others, they reveal information about their selves. In addition, if an individual is not eager to self-disclose, the other person may also not reveal information about themselves too. For example, in Friends with Benefits, on a night when they are at Jamie’s apartment watching a romantic film, both share information regarding the issue of relationships and sex. After self-disclosure, they both conclude that sex should not be accompanied with extreme emotional attachment (Bradshaw, 2011). Identity management is a continuous process which contains three associated phases. They include the trial stage, the enmeshment stage, and the renegotiation stage. The trial stage takes place at the start of a relationship when individuals are starting to explore their differences and willing to attain a balance for the sake of the relationship. For example, when Dylan is timid to move to New York, Jamie spends the evening taking Dylan around New York so as to expose him to the city and its opportunities. The enmeshment stage sees the emergence of similar features. For example, both Dylan and Jamie agree that sex should not have emotional attachments. Finally, the renegotiation stage sees individuals tackle identity concerns and using their past in attaining this. For example, Dylan’s father tells him to go after Jamie if there is an opportunity to save their relationship and not let a similar thing happen to him as it did to his father (Bradshaw, 2011). Perception is the method by which a person becomes conscious of events and objects in the external world. It may be affected by primacy-recency. A person’s tendency to give extra significance to what appears first may lead a person to see what corresponds to this judgment and to misperceive or distort any contradiction. For example, Jamie finds out that Dylan may be leaving his job for another one before the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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