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I would like to discuss also the rules that contribute to the function of verbal communication that allows us to give and seek information that allows us to assert ourselves and our identity. The two relevant rules are the semantic rules or the meanings assigned to language and…
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Propsal for term paper
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Teacher I. Communication theories/concepts in the readings and discussions The communication theories that I believe relate and beneficial to my interpersonal relationship are the following theories;
Function -Language is used not only to give or seek and give information but also allows us to assert our individuality and social identity. In the process, it can either make or avoid contact.
I would like to discuss also the rules that contribute to the function of verbal communication that allows us to give and seek information that allows us to assert ourselves and our identity. The two relevant rules are the semantic rules or the meanings assigned to language and pragmatic rules on how these languages are understood in interactions (Nelson).
In relation to this, I would like to discuss the characteristic of language as subjective where words have unique meanings that affect relationships. These meanings can either be denotative or its literal meaning or the exchange connotative meaning which is the contextual use of words (
Finally, I would like to conclude my proposed paper on how words relate to others and to the world that can either improve or break our relationships.
II. Assessment of the readings
The readings in class made me realize that words can have both literal and contextual meanings. In order to communicate effectively, words must be understood both in their denotative/literal and contextual meaning.
Words have context and this defines who we are and how we relate others. The effective or ineffective use of words in our communication can either make or break relationships. Relationships which are either in professional and even personal situations are increasingly important in today’s integrated economies because they could translate to our success or failure and has economic values. Success in today’s environment requires not only competency in technical skills but also in interpersonal skills. A discussion on the pragmatic rules on the use of language will surely enlighten me on language that can be used effectively or misused whereby its connotative meanings are understood or misunderstood.
III. Analysis of personal relationship with another and consider how insights can be applied interpersonally
I chose to expand on these theories because they relate to improving my interpersonal relationship and cultural intelligence. The right use of words can avoid miscommunication and strengthen relationship with others. This is important because relationships and our ability to get along well with others are necessary not only in school but in our professional lives someday where we have to work in a team. More importantly, good communication skills make our personal communication more meaningful and allow us to live a richer life.
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Propsal for Term Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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