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Federal Contract, Actives and Contract Types - Research Paper Example

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RUNNING HEAD: Federal Contract, Actives and Contract Types 10th May 2012 Overview and background of Dell incorporation Dell incorporation is a computer technology company in America which has its base in 1 Dell Way…
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Federal Contract, Actives and Contract Types
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Download file to see previous pages Dell was selling PCs as a fresh man from his room in the university. At that time, the company was doing business in the name PCs limited although Michael had it incorporated as Dell Computer Corporation (Business Day, 2011). After getting 3000,000 dollars from his family to expand the business, Michael drooped out of school with the intention of concentrating more on his business. Turbo PC was the first computer design to be produced by Dell Company after about one year of its foundation and the PC sold for US$795. The company went public in 1988 with company stock of 3.5 million shares. In the year 1988, PC limited was rebranded to Dell Computer Corporation and at this time it had started going global (Catherine, 1999).The company continued growing well and it was listed in the 500 fortune companies in the year 1992 and that’s when the founder, Michael Dell was named as the youngest CEO. Michael Dell handed over the CEO title to Kevin Rolling in 2004 but he retained the title of chairman even though this did not last since Kevin Rolling resigned after four years due to poor performance of the company and Michael Dell assumed the position of the CEO again. Major contract that was awarded to Dell Incorporation Early in 2012, Dell Incorporation was awarded a three years $120M DHS immigration contract where its role was to carry out application processing across the country in over 60 sites. The company had invested so much time and other resources to win this $120 million contract which was carried out under the umbrella of Dell Perot Systems. At the time the company was awarded the contract, Dell Perot had been assisting the bureau responsible for Citizenship and Immigration Services in records management for the past six years (Business Day, 2011). So as much as this was a new contract, it had some elements of follow up. This contract entails record distribution management, FBI finger prints and name checks, scheduling of oath ceremony, file operation and working on the requirements of the awaiting application and appeal inventory. The contract is headed by George Wallace who is the project senior manager. One of the major aspects that led to the contract award is due to the fact that Dell Perot is a leader who is very dynamic, creative and possesses highly polished technical and project management skills. Description of the contract Although the company was able to convince the immigration department that it was capable of reducing the level of their risks and assist in gaining efficiencies throughout this contract, there were some protests from CMI. CMI based its protest on the argument that the agency responsible did an inadequate realism analysis of the proposal presented by Dell Perot’s proposal. This, according to CMI, led to Dell Perot being rated way above what it is warranted. However, this argument never persuaded the accountability office of the government and therefore CMI was denied the protest. The government accountability was justified in denying the CMI protest since in the months of February and March there was a reduction by 10 percent in the number of USCIS' offices through the help of Perot Systems (Mahoney, 1996). In mid March, the company also engaged in its main role that is to help the agency in processing immigration and citizenship applications. Another justification why this contract was awarded to D ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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