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About emotional inteliqence - Research Paper Example

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I can relate well to others as well as can easily motivate myself to achieve the goals that I set for myself. It also says that my social…
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About emotional inteliqence
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Download file to see previous pages In a way, it makes us self-centered and makes us realize that the world is composed of myself and others and that I need to relate well with others. This relationship with others reflects on our team identity, on how well we perform or get together, on our emotional maturity on how we handle our differences (because for sure there will be) and our over-all development both as professional and a person.
In a way emotional intelligence makes us realize that to achieve something, we need to collaborate with others or with a team. And to be able to work effectively with others and/or team, we have to learn how to regulate ourselves so that we can achieve our team’s objectives as well as my objective. This was evident with the questions in the tests that asked if it is completely true, mostly true to completely false if “it takes a push from others to get me going (question #16) and whether I have an “obsessive mind” (question #20). These questions which represents the test tries to determine if I can motivate myself, control myself and if I can relate well with others.
The idea of Emotional Intelligence can be first traced on the work of Thorndike (1920) who theorized that intelligence is not only confined to academics but also includes emotional and social component (qtd. in Mandell & Pherwarni, 2003). Later, investigators like Guilford (1967) and H. Eysenck (1995) presented that intelligence is such a multifaceted construct that it is composed of one hundred and twenty varying types of intelligence (Lyusin, 2006). In 1971, Shanley, Walker, and Foley (1971) already hypothesized that social intelligence was distinct from academic intelligence, but could not support it with empirical evidence that emotional intelligence is a separate construct. This was later provided by Howard Gardner when he articulated his theory of multiple intelligences categorizing it as intra personal and interpersonal intelligences within within the framework ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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About Emotional Inteliqence Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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