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Watsons Theory Of Human Caring - Essay Example

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The theory cultivates sensitivity for others and promotes a supportive environment that aids in the physical, social and spiritual development of the patient. In addition, it allows for phenomenological forces and open expression of both positive and negative feelings…
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Watsons Theory Of Human Caring
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, it allows for phenomenological forces and open expression of both positive and negative feelings. This paper will discuss the application of Watson’s theory of human caring to nursing scenario. Watson’s theory of human caring Introduction The nursing scenario involves Mr. Peter, aged 65 years who is admitted in a hospital with severe depression. His wife died 6 months ago, aged at 55 years and his children are living miles away. Mr. Peter was diagnosed with prostate cancer few years ago and has a leg injury that he sustained after he was involved in a car accident during his teenage years. He is not used to quad cane that his children brought for him. Although prostate cancer has been managed for some time, his eating habits have gradually changed and his children have noticed signs of behavioral changes such as lack of sleep, poor eating habits, locking all bedrooms and cabinets in the house. In addition, Mr. Peter is ever complaining about his finances. I the above nursing scenario, Watson’s theory of human caring is useful in enhancing the patient nursing care (George, 2002). The theory assumes that caring is only practiced interpersonally and human caring entails certain curative factors that ultimately lead to human needs’ satisfaction (Daniels, 2004). Accordingly, caring practice is central to nursing practice since it promotes the health and individual growth (Watson, 1999). The theory is based on ten carative factors that include the formation of humanistic-altruistic value system, installation of faith and hope, and promotion of interpersonal teaching (Daniels, 2004). Accordingly, it entails cultivation of sensitivity to others and development of trust relationships with patients. In addition, the carative factors entails acceptance of both positive and negative feelings, assistance with the gratification of human needs, and use of scientific methods in decision making (George, 2002). Accordingly, the theory entails allowance for existential-phenomenological factors and providing a supportive and protective environment that enhances the physical, social and spiritual development of the nursing patient (George, 2002). The theory can be used in nursing care since it entails enabling hope and faith and being sensitive to others through cultivating patient’s own individual practices (Daniels, 2004). Accordingly, the nurse and patient development loving, trustful and caring relationships that enable the patient to express both negative and positive feelings freely (Watson, 1999). Watson’s theory entails formation of the humanistic-altruistic value system that entails kindness and caring consciousness (Daniels, 2004). In this regard, the nurse reviews the values development between the interaction of the patient and the parents, the values developed through life experiences and values that promote altruistic behaviors towards others. Accordingly, faith-hope is critical in curative and carative processes since the nurse promotes a sense of well-being through highlighting beliefs that are meaningful to the patient (Wills and McEwen, 2002). The third carative factor entails cultivation of sensitivity towards others thus the nurse develops own feelings towards others especially feelings that encourage self-growth and actualization of the patients (Watson, 1999). In this regard, the nurse will promote higher well-being if only he or she establishes person-to-person relationship with the client (Daniels, 2004). The theory also entails the establishment of helpful and trust relationships through constant rapport and efficient communication with the patient. In this regard, empathy and non-verbal communication must be entail empathetic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Watsons Theory Of Human Caring Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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