Nursing and the Vulnerable Population: Watson's Theory of Human Caring, Assessment Tools, and Homeless Young Adults - Research Paper Example

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Running head: NURSING AND THE VULNERABLE POPULATION 1 Nursing and the Vulnerable Population: Watson's Theory of Human Caring, Assessment Tools, and Homeless Young Adults (Name) (University) NURSING AND THE VULNERABLE POPULATION 2 Nursing and the Vulnerable Population: Watson's Theory of Human Caring, Assessment Tools, and Homeless Young Adults Introduction Assessment of the patient's condition is the first step in providing health care, and here, nursing assessment tools prove to be indispensable (Chinn, Kramer, & Chin, 2004)…
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Nursing and the Vulnerable Population: Watsons Theory of Human Caring, Assessment Tools, and Homeless Young Adults
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Download file to see previous pages The assessment tools will be evaluated based on its appropriateness for application on the chosen vulnerable population. Within the heart of modern-day nursing is the concept of providing care in a world that looks at caring as something insignificant. In the history of nursing, nurses have been deemed as professional caregivers in terms of their health care expertise and calling to provide emotional comfort (Krebs, 2001, p.56). However, with the current shortage in health care professionals and with the progress of the health care industry, nurses' responsibilities and workload have changed greatly. In the more complex and stressful instances of patient care, it is easy for the nurses to forget the basic yet important aspect of human caring. However, it is important that in the current complexities that usually go with this profession, nurses should seek for ways to preserve their caring practice. ...
However, all these cannot be achieved without going through the initial process of providing care. Every nursing practitioners knows that the first step in nursing is the assessment of the patient's condition (Chinn, Kramer, & Chin, 2004). There are several assessment tools available that involves gathering information, confirming gathered information, organizing and interpreting the data available, and documenting by healthcare professionals (Heaser, 2008, p.37). This procedure aims to create a concrete basis for the provision of appropriate health care for the patient's overall well-being (Chinn, Kramer, & Chin, 2004). If this is coupled with Watson's theory on human caring, nurses will be able to provide an outstanding health care in the physiological, emotional, and psychology sense. Jean Watson's Theory of Human Caring From 1975-1979, Watson developed her theory for human caring. This is considered as the core concept of nursing, which is a humanistic philosophy involving “carative factors” --- an idea that is in direct contrast to the usual medicine realm construct of “curing” (Krebs, 2001, p.57-8). Watson's theory aims to “honor the human dimensions of nursing's work and the inner life world and subjective experiences of the people we serve” (Watson, 1994, p.27). After a while, these “carative factors” developed into clinical caritas procedures, which is the guideline or process of providing health care with compassion, love, and sensitivity (Krebs, 2001, p.58). Homeless Young Adults as a Vulnerable Population Vulnerable populations are those who are exposed to physiological, emotional, and NURSING AND THE VULNERABLE POPULATION 4 psychological harm (Poirrier, 2001, p.26). As ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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