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Jean Watson: Theory of Human Caring - Research Paper Example

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This paper provides a general overview and various components under Watson’s theory of Human Caring, the conception of Caritas and human phenomenon. Special emphasis is placed on the origin of the theory, how it has been applied in the past, the central thesis, and the nursing…
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Jean Watson: Theory of Human Caring
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Extract of sample "Jean Watson: Theory of Human Caring"

Download file to see previous pages aper has covered the description of the environment where this theory will be applied, pragmatic adequacy, social meaningfulness, feasibility, and compatibility. The paper covers major conceptual features of the theory and human living procedures inside the theoretical and moral foundation of the body of this caring theory work. The paper acts as a direction for specialized practice, in addition to a disciplinary plan for the discipline of Care.
The theory of human caring was created between 1975 and 1979 at the time when Jean Watson was lecturing at the University of Colorado. The theory originates from Watson’s observations of nursing practice during her doctoral studies within educational, medical, and social psychology. Jean Watson preliminary endeavor brought out the connotation and put emphasis to nursing as an upcoming discipline and different health line of work that possessed its own exceptional standards, acquaintance, and practices, in addition to its own ethic and purpose to the public. The development of this theory was also spurred by Watson’s participation with an incorporated educational nursing set of courses and hard work to discover ordinary connotation and array to nursing that go beyond settings, populations, areas of expertise, as well as subspecialty areas (Butts & Rich, 2015).
Originating from her promising point of view, Watson makes clear the value of nursing, ethics, way of life, acquaintance, and activities involving human being caring need proper verbal communication order, arrangement, intelligibility of impressions and line of work. This conjecture goes further than the central physical worldview and opens to individual, inter-subjective, and internal connotation, essential therapeutic procedures and the life world of the practicing individual (Fawcett & Desanto, 2013).
The process of human caring entails 10 caring factors, which are equivalent to conventional medicine. The promising viewpoint and theory of human caring brings ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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