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APPLYING THEORY TO A PRACTICE PROBLEM Written by Presented to In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of [Project Dated: APPLYING THEORY TO A PRACTICE PROBLEM Watson's Theory Of Human Caring INTRODUCTION Theories and models developed for nursing continue to have a positive impact on nursing practice…
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Applying Theory to Practice
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Download file to see previous pages For more than 20 years , critical thinking has been put forward to emphasize on nursing practice and education (Cody , 2002) . Science based nursing practice is utilized in effective delivery of nursing care. Models of nursing practice provide the nursing knowledge framework in the provision of theory based care. (Burretti, 1988). A good foundation for nursing can be created and further be broadened by applying a theory in nursing practice (Karnick, 2008). Jean Watson is a nurse theorist whose cardinal focus is based on human caring. Watson’s (2008) theory of human caring is broadly applied in nursing practice nursing in its knowledge acquisition and application in practice is identified as a science of caring which has a philosophical and ethical implications. The humanity of a nurse embraces the humanity of others in order to preserve and maintain the dignity one of one’s self being and that of others under the same care. This implies that human beings are connected to one another in caring process. It also implies that in a transpersonal caring relationship, a holistic approach is used (Watson, 1992). OVERVIEW OF WATSON’S CARING THEORY Watson was born in 1940 in West Virginia and grew in as extended family setup (Tomey & Alligood , 2006). At the University of Colorado, she became dean of the school of Nursing and later at the same university, she became a well known professor. Watson established the center for Human Caring, which she served as the director, in Colorado. She also started the nursing doctoral program at the University of Colorado (Margaret Jean, 1997) . Derived from personal beliefs, Values and experiences. Watson established the Theory of Human caring which formed part of her doctoral studies. In her educational background , she earned her undergraduate degree in nursing and psychology and health nursing from University of Colorado from where she also earned her Doctorate degree in educational psychology and counseling . Dr. Watson is a fellow in the American Academy of nursing. She has national and international honors. Most of her publications describing her theory and philosophy of human caring are studied by nurses in most parts of the world. According to Watson (2001) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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