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Dance of Anger and Reciprocity Theory: Resolving Conflicts in a Romantic Relationship - Research Paper Example

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The purpose of conducting this analysis, Dance of Anger and Reciprocity Theory: Resolving Conflicts in a Romantic Relationship, is to find alternative ways of handling personal relationship conflicts.  This can be accomplished by using new concepts, approaches, and techniques…
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Dance of Anger and Reciprocity Theory: Resolving Conflicts in a Romantic Relationship
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Extract of sample "Dance of Anger and Reciprocity Theory: Resolving Conflicts in a Romantic Relationship"

Download file to see previous pages As the paper highlights, definition of conflict: A conflict refers to an articulated form of struggle between two or more interdependent parties that may come from different causes, such as incompatible goals, limited resources, and hindrance in attaining goals. "I am the first character. I am Chinese and a Buddhist. I believe in respecting all forms of life because we all have inherent equality. I also strive to follow the Eightfold Path, which includes, among others, the right speech, which means that I will avoid lying, gossiping, condemning, and using harsh language on others, and right mindfulness, which means being aware of my body, mind, and feelings. My goal is to finish college and have a successful career. I see myself as a logical person. I can be argumentative if I want to fight for my ideals, but I also resort to silent submission if I feel hurt, or if the other person is no longer listening to me. I have a boyfriend right now, and though we have some serious differences in values and usually have conflicts, I still respect and love him. My boyfriend is Steve (not real name). He is Chinese too and has no religion. He does not believe in God. He uses a double-standard approach in analyzing and resolving conflicts because he is more of an ethical relativist, which means that to him, morality is relative to one’s culture. The fact that nothing is objectively right or wrong to him has led to his gray areas in morality that I could not accept. He likes getting into arguments about right and wrong, success and failure, noble and despicable, and femininity and masculinity. He also wants to finish college and have a successful career and family life in the future like me." ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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