Resolving Conflicts by Communication - Assignment Example

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The present essay deals with the conflicts which can be resolved by means of communication. It is stressed, conflicts in relationships are almost inevitable, in fact, stronger relationships experience more of both satisfaction and conflicts…
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Resolving Conflicts by Communication
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Download file to see previous pages During conflicts in relationships, sometimes it becomes very tempting to dig back past conflicts that are apparently related to the current conflict. This, unfortunately, often clouds the issue at hand, making it more difficult to arrive at a mutual understanding and solution and the end result is a more confusing and taxing discussion. It is important not to bring up other topics and past hurts if the conflict is to find a prompt solution. Staying focused on the present topic and understanding each other's points of view is a quicker way of ending the conflict.
Listening keenly is an essential ingredient in communication. Often people pretend to be listening to the other party when in the real sense, they are thinking of what to say when the other party stops talking. Employing honesty in conversations swings both ways. While it may be difficult to listen, effective communication demands of one to really hear out the other party without interrupting or getting defensive. When individuals listen to the other party and reflect back on what they are communicating, they are more likely to properly understand the other party and make them develop interest the individuals are saying (Robinson, p8).
During conflicts, most people primarily want to feel understood and heard. People focus on their points of view and try making the other party view things like they do. Ironically, always doing this reduces focus on the other party’s viewpoint further diminishing their chances of having an interest in the individual’s viewpoint. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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