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Conflict resolution in the workplace and its effects on the team/group - Essay Example

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This study encompasses a critical review of the article regarding application of the evaporating tool in organizational communications and conflict solving among groups in the workplace. Notably, the evaporating tool is perceivably, a thinking process in Goldratt’s constraints…
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Conflict resolution in the workplace and its effects on the team/group
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Extract of sample "Conflict resolution in the workplace and its effects on the team/group"

Conflict Resolution in the workplace and Its Effects on the Team/Group Introduction This study encompasses a critical review of the article regarding application of the evaporating tool in organizational communications and conflict solving among groups in the workplace. Notably, the evaporating tool is perceivably, a thinking process in Goldratt’s constraints theory (Gupta, 2011). This concept enables any business system or organization to improve focus. Literarily, this method is perceived a diagram for conflict resolution. Moreover, it is meant to generate a solution to conflicts among different parties or viewpoints, through particular communication.
It aids any disputing teams within an affiliation to achieve victory situations collectively, rather than win-fail. It emphasizes that each of the groups or teams aim at achieving a common ultimate objective or goal that would settle a dispute. The associated steps in this cloud includes initially deciding on resolving the quandaries existent between the two or more involved teams or groups in any given affiliation. Secondly, the groups draw the cloud, establish the conflict, common objective then make the intermediary assertions. The parties then agree on the correctness of the definition and test the underlying implications.
Purpose of the Study
This particular article bears two fundamental purposes. Firstly, this study critically synthesizes and validates the contemporary concepts, notions, explications, propositions and credible modes of management within a given workplace in the context of conflicts involved and employment of communication prospects to arrive at a tacit conclusion for workgroups and teams. Secondly, the study encompasses an introduction of a procedural and precise approach or directive in the bid to resolve conflicts within a given workplace. These directives would potential apply communication, agreements and procedural approaches towards the ultimate solution with the application of the evaporating tool.
Goldratt concisely reviews the historical approaches employed in the study and accordingly introduces the evaporating cloud or tool. This is a structured advance that ensures effective definition of a particular conflict among workgroups and teams in the work-place and the resultant application of the cloud to result into eventual winning solutions for both sides (Gupta, 2011). This ensures a fair resolution of the conflict and offers each of the parties an understanding of their conflict better. Moreover, Goldratt employs a comprehensive case study to highlight or explicate on the approach (Gupta, 2011).
With the comprehensibility of the study, it is overly evident that Goldratt’s model is a systematic advance that aims at critically studying and pinpointing the conflicting requirements or interests of a workgroup or team to a given conflict, and an eventual procedure for making overt the postulations underlying the conflict (Gupta, 2011). This precedes a stage where the team communicates accordingly in order to challenge the validity of their propositions. This notably results into win-win situations for both opponents in that given conflict. Thus, the evaporating cloud applies properly accepted standards that incorporate win-win situations and also matches the existent approaches aimed at executing conflict resolution and effective communication among members in the workplace.
Regardless of the prospect that there exists an exponentially growing society of users of the cloud, it is openly perceived to be a totally new advance of conflict resolution in the contemporary epoch. Moreover, though undependable instances of applications of the evaporating tool have been in numerous journal publications, other mediums, such as conferences, empirical researches, academic researches and websites ought to be introduced in order to critically and credibly evaluate the pertinence of the tool in resolving conflicts within the workplace environment (Gupta, 2011). This is because an immensely wide and diverse array of users exists and would effectively access and learn through many gateways.
Practical Implications
The evaporating tool is one that is practically applicable and also intuitive. This proves its credibility for employers and employees within a given affiliation, at all available levels of management and administration, to comprehend and effectually resolve conflicts among their working units such as teams and workgroups. Therefore, the evaporating tool is very resourceful and useful in such situations.
The study of this tool pinpoints the associated drawbacks of existent conflict management and resolution approaches. Additionally, the study covers applications of the cloud tool to an immense range of cases and group conflicts within workplaces, from inter-personal to executive altitudes. It hence comes as a legitimate and feasible study which every team or group in a given workplace can employ to enhance their relations and advance their communication and conflict resolution skills.
Gupta, L. B. (2011). The evaporating cloud: a tool for resolving workplace conflict. International Journal of Conflict Management, 22, 394-412. Read More
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