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Resolving Conflict in Work Teams - Literature review Example

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This paper explores the techniques or conflict resolution styles which are appropriate depending on the circumstances of the conflict. Different styles can be implemented on different conflicts and almost every conflict has a suitable solution in some of these five styles of conflict handling…
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Resolving Conflict in Work Teams
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Extract of sample "Resolving Conflict in Work Teams"

Download file to see previous pages The paper presents a scenario where there is an organization and a conflict has occurred between the employees and the management of that organization. Longmore (2005) states that ‘Conflict is an inevitable aspect of life’. Coming to the organization, the name of the organization is Greenland and it deals with developing and maintaining the structures of houses and other buildings. The working structure of the organization is that there are subcontractors who take orders from the management to get them completed in the time given by the management of that specific organization. There are three departments of the organization. First Department is the information department which gathers information regarding the presence of any contract opportunity in any specific area. The head of this department is an information manager whose role is to supervise all work related to his department and submit the weekly report to the management department. The second department is the management department whose role is to analyze the weekly report given to them by the information department and assign different contracts to different subcontractors depending upon their experience and capabilities. The head of this department is an executive manager who is responsible for all the acts not only related to the management department but also related to the whole organization as he is the head of the organization too. The third and the last department is of the selected subcontractors who take contracts from the management department and get them completed in the given time frame by the management. The head of this specific department is the chief contractor whose role is to manage all other subcontractors and submit their weekly efficiency report to the management department.
Now, let’s come to the conflict which has occurred among some of the employees of the management and the subcontractors’ department. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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