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Credibility Assessment for Social Media in Crisis Communication - Research Proposal Example

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A sense of tension, uncertainty, and transformational change usually features in crises. Crises are unpredictable and may not be avoidable. They lead to the disruption of routine events and result in anxieties among people and organizations (Farazmand, 2007). …
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Credibility Assessment for Social Media in Crisis Communication
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Download file to see previous pages Many researchers have explored the area of social ties without a keen interest on the dissemination of crisis information through social ties (Duggan & Banwell, 2004). The level of bonding in social relationships is contingent upon the amount of shared time, the degree of intimacy in a relationship, the level of emotional attachment, and the extent of reciprocation in the ties. (Granovetter, 1973). There is an increased contribution of social ties in the process of conveyance of information. This increased role of social ties is significant in crises where information requires real-time dissemination (Miritello, Moro, & Lara, 2011). The high anxiety and expectations usually leaves people hungry for information and this may prompt high social activity to gain information. However, social media can offer information that may not pass verification tests (Duggan & Banwell, 2004). The legitimacy of the information sources may be questionable leading to willful or un-willful misrepresentation of information and facts. The information conveyed in crises may have adverse consequences on the reputation of an organization or the government if the information is not comprehensive and true. The media that espouse the flow of communication is crucial in facilitating the reception of and attitude towards the message. For instance, the government or organization’s choice of information source to convey crisis information may have implications on the credibility of the information. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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