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A Food Safety Crisis Handled in a Media Environment - Assignment Example

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 This essay analyses a food safety crisis handled in a media environment. Six people died of E- Coli Outbreak linked to “Roaster’s Fast Food.” It discusses Food Safety: E. Coli Outbreak. Investigations are underway to get to the root cause of the problem…
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A Food Safety Crisis Handled in a Media Environment
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Extract of sample "A Food Safety Crisis Handled in a Media Environment"

Download file to see previous pages Although “Rooster’s Fast Food” is reputable for the highest sales of hamburgers in this region, jumping into conclusions may misrepresent our company. It is our plea that food safety agencies conduct further investigations to ascertain the real cause of the crisis. Because of the recent increase in cases of food poisoning from restaurants, Roaster’s Fast Food restaurant’s management team decided to embrace technology; in which case, the focus was not only on improved service delivery. It also accounts for every detail of our customers.
“This morning, the restaurant’s dedicated team of employees operated a database check for the two victims mentioned this morning, but there were no matching identities,” said Mr. Khan from the IT department.
It is imperative for specialists to make utmost urgency and investigate the cause of the outbreak to enable a fast exchange of information. The urgent reaction will also allow food safety agencies to respond efficiently. The company perceives this as the highest level of malice from the media and demands for an apology to clear its name.
Roaster’s Fast Food is a group of companies dedicated to quality service to our clients. The company, established two decades ago, perceives the current crisis and misleading news and speculation. The six victims of food poisoning did not buy their hamburgers at our restaurant.
Notably, that the company has no previous records of unhealthy fast food sales to the customer. Roaster’s Fast Food is not the only restaurant that sells hamburgers in the region. Therefore, the unfortunate food crisis should not be our sole responsibility. Customers did not just eat at our restaurant this morning but other establishments as well.
According to our internal investigations under my leadership, there is a high probability of major competitors conspiring to destroy the reputation of Roaster’ Fast Food.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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