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THE ROLE OF PR IN CRISIS MANAGEMENT Name: Institution: Table of content Appendices………………………………………………………………………………………15 Executive summary It is important to establish the roles that public relations play in crisis management specifically focusing on Pepsi Company…
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Current Issues in Leadership: Theory & Practice
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Download file to see previous pages This report explores the technique that the Pepsi management establishes to handle the crisis and redeem its public image (Pinsdorf, 2009). Introduction The main aim of this report is to establish the roles that public relations plays in handling a crisis in an organization. The findings will enable us to understand the significance of public relations practices in the modern day world and ultimately means of implementing the same PR practices. The rationale of this report stands as follows; to establish the roles of modern public relations in the corporate world, to establish the success and failures of the public relation activities among other important aspects (Martin, 2011). This report focuses on the interview Pepsi-Cola CEO Mr. Craig Weatherup and the leadership skills he employed as he sorted out the syringe crisis that threatened to bring down the giant company. Mr. Weatherup worked for Pepsi-Cola Company for twenty-four years as the president of the company. Mr. Craig led the company to its initial public offer until the year 2003 when he stepped down officially as the CEO. Mr. Weatherup steered the company professionally during the infamous syringe crisis and managed to redeem its tainted image. ...
My report organization consist of the following; a table of contents, abstract, introduction, literature review ,methodology, results, discussion and finally the conclusion. Literature review According toAdubato (2008), PepsiCo faced a crisis in 1993 that involved a syringe found in some diet Pepsi cans. The company instructed that all its cans remain on the shelves as investigation started to try to establish the validity of the claims. During the crisis, Pepsi launched a video of the whole production process in an attempt to prove that product tampering within the factoring was nearly impossible. From the crisis above the PepsiCo CEO established a full-fledged media public relations exercise and used the media as her medium of communication. The CEO adopted the five leadership competence skills in managing the crisis. Alvintzi (2010), states that the CEO established an environment of trust and achieved this by producing a video that educated the public with the whole process that takes place in the company and how tampering with the process was not easy. The surveillance cameras further affirmed the security precautions that the company had put in place so as to erase any possible doubt. The company also produced a second video to the public that showed a woman replicating the tampering incident. All this video footage helped the company to justify its innocence in the public. According to Green (2010), another aspect of public relations, that the PepsiCo adopted in an attempt to solve the crisis was engaging direct communication with its customer and by providing sufficient information. Many at times companies fail to rise from crises because they try to suppress the issue, PepsiCo on the other kept a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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