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PR Activities to Cope with Crisis - Research Proposal Example

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This research proposal “PR Activities to Cope with Crisis” aims to explore the effect of public relations actions in crisis management with a specific focus on the companies and context of UAE. The type of PR activities depends on the communication principles and the company’s objectives…
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PR Activities to Cope with Crisis
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Extract of sample "PR Activities to Cope with Crisis"

Download file to see previous pages The fact is that in today’s ever-changing globalized world, business is news. Any merger, acquisition, plant closing, layoff, firing, business deal, expansion, corporate scandal, employee discrimination, unfair trade, unsustainable business approach, unfair trade, environmental degradation activities, exploitation of labors, accidents, catastrophes, health and safety hazards and others would quickly make the front page or headline of the six o clock news.  
Therefore, virtually every business organization is at the brink of fallout and they have to do everything that they can in order to protect their house of cards. This is true because in many occasions, the damage is irreversible and it takes years and sometimes, decades to rebuild and regain the lost respect, trust, and loyalty. As mentioned that crises are an unavoidable reality of human life and the same is true for the business world as well. 
Over the years, many business organizations, that have faced crises or have anticipated facing a crisis, have tried to minimize the damage or cope up with the situations with the help effective and efficient public relation activities. There are examples where companies have turned around crises having the potential of shaking the core foundation of the business into public relations bonanzas. However, there are situations when many business organizations were never able to get back on their feet again because of ineffective public relations efforts to resolve or handle that crisis. The fact is that there are more examples of latter than the former but this research would be concerned with the former, at the same time, it would also explore the shortcomings and reasons of the latter as well.
This research is an attempt to explore the overall impact, effectiveness, and role of public relations activities in crisis management with a special focus on the organizations in the United Arab Emirates, in an attempt to compare and contrast their PR strategies with the rest of the world. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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