Future Trends in Crisis Intervention in the Human - Essay Example

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Future trend in crisis intervention in the human FUTURE TREND IN CRISIS INTERVENTION IN THE HUMAN Crisis is, “a perception of an event or situation as an intolerable difficulty that exceeds the resources and coping mechanisms of the person” (Gilliland & James, 1998, p.3)…
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Future Trends in Crisis Intervention in the Human
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Download file to see previous pages It is not actually a mental illness, but without proper intervention techniques, it is a possible outcome. There are two conditions for crisis: first, the perception that a particular event would lead to disturbance and second, the inability of the person to resolve the disturbance. If a problem continues for a long period of time, then the crisis intervention becomes a necessity. Crisis intervention and the trends Crisis intervention is referred to as the methods used for immediate, short-term help to individuals who are experiencing mental, physical, and behavioral problems. "Crisis intervention is an important psychological practice, usually involving a "Brief duration and their focus on improving acute psychological disturbances rather and curing long-standing mental disorders (Moore, T, 2001). Basic purpose of the intervention is to help the individual return to the normal state before the crisis occurred. This intervention is short-termed, time limited. It should start within 24-72 hours after the event has occurred. Crisis intervention skills came in practice in early 1980s and a civilized approach towards the mental health laws began to take on to help the people in crisis. Normally, the strategies used aimed at teaching new skills to the fraught individual. Another technique is commonly practiced when the person becomes physically hostile to self or to some other person. It recognizes the triggers that cause the crisis and the take further action to redirect the individual’s attention. Another widely used crisis intervention strategies is the talk therapy, in which the clinician speaks softly over the situation, discussing the remedies and tries to restore emotional stability. A major focus of this intervention is to explore the coping strategies. The basic aim of human services is to sustain individuals as well as communities and make them function at their utmost potential and to prevail over personal and social barriers as effectively as possible in the major spheres of life. The recent history can be traced back to 1950’s when there was a new consciousness that many parts of the population were in need of services. As the population increases, the need for human service professionals also increases. These agencies are often very under-paid and usually go through budget cuts, which not only affect the organization but also the facility, coworkers, and the employee morale. These dilemmas are affecting all the organizations noticeably as the management of all the leading organizations is trying to solve the problem beforehand. Due to this, the popularity of paraprofessionals has increased as they assist clinicians and therefore, help in cutting the cost of the organization. Paraprofessionals are considered an important asset to the organization as they require less training than a typical clinician. Clinicians are the direct workforce of human service organizations who are responsible for carrying out the range of professional activities with and on behalf of clients in which the specified goals of the people served are reached through the social worker. Crisis intervention can also be done over the internet as is the trend these days. People get help by gaining new coping skills and consulting for the problems over the internet. But, the problem is, can the internet be safe and offer ethical interventions to deal with the worst problems of the people? Internet has become the new ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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