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Democracy Promotion by Western Powers since the beginning of the Arab Spring in Tunisia - Essay Example

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The paper describes a democracy promotion by western powers since the beginning of the Arab spring in Tunisia.It was long-term interest United States and European Union’s  since the break out of the uprising…
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Democracy Promotion by Western Powers since the beginning of the Arab Spring in Tunisia
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Extract of sample "Democracy Promotion by Western Powers since the beginning of the Arab Spring in Tunisia"

Download file to see previous pages Until lately, Arabic countries in the last two decades have demonstrated their strong need for political changes and democracy in their countries. Tunisia was the first, followed by Egypt’s riots that have persisted since then, and followed Libya before the Middle East, where the world watched Islamic movements match in union against repressive governments to claim for their rightful democracy (Hamid The western powers have since taken strategic positions, policies and redefined their foreign relations with external nations to promote peace and the sparked democracy in the society. The democratization of the Arab countries has been the United States and European Union’s long-term interest since the break out of the uprising.
It was not the first time to have witnessed the western military intervention in the Arab countries during the time of the wars. Historically, the United States is known to have sent its military personnel in different areas, like the 1982-85 intervention in Grenada and many others (Adams and Newell 35). Most people doubt the presence of military intervention to promote democracy. It has often been considered a harsh move for governments to absorb, hence they let go of the powers, but play no significant role to change citizens’ revolution. Military invasion is often the last resort after attempts to bring peace internally fail. The western powers have confronted the recent issues including a war on terror without shying war for the safety and well-being of the global society. The USA has often applied quite a hard force compared to the European Union, but they have all shown a greater purpose to secure their own countries and promote democracy internally and those they relate to externally. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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