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The Role of Modern Media in Crisis Communication - Essay Example

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Crisis communication is a sub-specialty of public relations profession designed to defend and protect the company, individual or organization facing a challenge related to its reputation. Communication crisis refers to the perception of unpredictable events that threaten crucial…
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The Role of Modern Media in Crisis Communication
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Download file to see previous pages Crisis management is a very crucial aspect. Effective communication crisis management can greatly reduce extensive damage that may take place in an organization, as a result, of communication crisis. The document analyzes the role played by modern media in triggering as well as managing the effects of crisis communication in organizations (Carroll, 2013).
It is evident that the communication crisis is typically unpredictable aspect that possesses a great potential of damaging the affected organization as well various stakeholders. The main difference between crafting messages for traditional communication methods and crafting messages for modern communication methods such as social media is the speed at which each mode communicates information as well as misinformation. The application of internet together with social Media has the potential of accelerating and amplifying the public opinion. The aspect hence plays a vital role in impacting adverse effects in organizations, as a result, of crisis communication (Coombs, 2007).
It has become to the consent of most organization’s stakeholders the modern media or simply social media is a double edged sword that create both opportunities and threats for the organizations. Social media as well as other web based Medias, have the potential of creating a crisis in an organization. Among the main factors as to why the social media causes crises in an organization is that it provides various means for stakeholder’s expression. It also lets the stakeholders move from a passive role to an active role. Being unfiltered channel, it provides employees, consumers and activists with an opportunity of voicing their concerns. The aspect easily finds people with similar mind and mobilizes them against the organization hence causing great crises in that organization (Coombs & Holladay, 2010).
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