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BP Case - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: BP Oil Company The origin of BP Oil Company dates back to 1901. BP’s mission statement indicates, “"BP wants to be recognized as a great company – competitively successful and a force for progress. We have a fundamental belief that we can make a difference in the world” (Farfan 1)…
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BP Case
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"BP Case"

Download file to see previous pages As a result, he outsourced and collaborated with Burmah Oil Company. Together, the two companies made their first successful oil discovery in 1908. Numerous transformations and ownership details alterations followed this incidence. During this stage, the name was Anglo-Persian Company. The British government secured several shares, propelling the company’s progress (Kim and Marques 1). The British influenced the initial interest of the company. The primarily aim for searching and mining of oil was the need to fuel British aircrafts and vehicles in the world war I and probable future wars (Kim and Marques 2). Claims that the company neglected workers’ safety were common during the early stage in the company’s development. The manual workers and the surrounding communities experienced food shortage and health crises despite establishing the largest oil refinery in Iran, and becoming a superior fuel supplier to the Allied forces in Second World War. The infrastructure remained a concern for the community, while the company, now referred as Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC), played “a blind eye”. The failing national trust made the Iranian government to kick out the company. Following a coup, the AIOC returned and rebranded to British Petroleum (BP) (Kim and Marques 7) After its come back, the Middle East public still resented the company despite establishing environmental-friendly oil pipeline-network to several refineries. The pressure mounted until BP finally decided to take action. It rebranded the logo from British Petroleum to Beyond Petroleum and the management swore to explore other eco-friendly energy sources as a new measure of conserving the environment. However, the pledges of transformation did not reflect in the ensuing BP operations. A number of separate accidental disasters followed until the most recent disaster, Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico, 2010 (Kim and Marques 1-7). Communication process A strong internal communication system reassures the public and makes them confident ambassadors of the organization. The principles outlined below establish effective internal communication processes and systems according to the professional analysis. The surveys check on employee’s views, interests and opinions. The management will not establish system, rules and policies that will effectively enhance internal communication unless it understands its staff accordingly. Fulfilling promises The management should ensure that promises made to the staff are met in time. This reduces the risk of losing trust in the employees that ultimately leads to reduced regard for official or upstream communication. Celebrating success and communicating the brands’ value. Some employee performs their tasks devoid of motivation. These staff members do not believe in the organizations goals. Consequently, they may create a negative attitude in other staff members. Awarding members who perform exceptionally shows that the firm is focused. Communication diversification Diversification involves incorporating other communication channels and forms that differ from usual ones. For example, the management team may take tea with the subordinate staff to improve informal communication and interaction within organization. This process eventually promotes motivation and confidence among workers. Reassuring the staff Reassuring the staff especially when the media attacks the organization is vital. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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