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This prompted terrorist organizations to seek legitimacy through media coverage of their acts. Supporters of military frame typically…
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HMLS 310 Week 6 conference
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HMLS 310 Week 6 Conference HMLS 310 Week 6 Conference Anthrax attacks involved a bioterrorism attack where letters containing anthrax antidotes were mailed to different offices in the United States. This prompted terrorist organizations to seek legitimacy through media coverage of their acts. Supporters of military frame typically cast potential responses to “threats” as battles that must be won after the attacks (Driskill and Goldstein, 2005). This paper assesses two conferences which evaluate Congressional Research Service by Lindsay’s report on how social media could have been used during the attacks and EPA publication on effective risk and communication and the seven general rules of risk communication.
Conference 1#: Lindsay Congressional Research Service Report
It is evidential that the development of new technologies that have emerged during the mid-1990s has led to the establishment of internet based application referred to as the social media. This include blogs, discussions forums, you tube channels, Facebook and twitter. Most importantly, social media has played an increasing role in emergencies and disasters. This report summarizes how social media has been used by emergency management officials and agencies. It also evaluates the potential benefits and consequences of using social media in the context of emergency and disasters.
Generally in the anthrax attacks, social media would have been used as a medium for conducting emergency communications and issue warnings, receive victim’s requests for assistance, monitoring user’s activities and postings to determine situational awareness and using downloaded images to create damage estimates among others(1).
For instance in the attacks, social media would have been used to pass notifications by the use of Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), emergency warnings and alerts to citizens. Besides, social media would have been used to alert emergency officials on the anthrax attacks by monitoring the flow of information from different sources to help in the reduction of the number of casualties.
Conference 2#: Environmental Protection Agency Publication
Risk communication refers to the interactive process of exchanging information and opinion among individuals, groups, and institutions involving multiple messages about the nature of risk. It is a science based programme for communicating accurately and effectively in cases of extreme stress and concerns. Moreover, risk communication skills are imperative for the successful management of crises.
One way to achieve effective risk communication especially in the case of anthrax attack is through message mapping. This refers to the tool of risk communicator that involves the use of clear and credible messages without any mental noises. The key elements of message mapping involve the identification of potential stakeholders in this case the anthrax spread by terrorist. Identification of stakeholder questions for instance “how first will the antidote spread?” which leads to developing key messages by observing the templates and principles to target the specific audience. After this one develops supporting facts and later tests and practices these messages to confirm their effectiveness. Finally the message maps are delivered using the appropriate information channels for instance in this case the local authorities can be used to alert the citizens.
Besides, the most important rule in seven general rules of communication is to meet the needs of the media because information travels faster through it. Considering the anthrax attacks, the rule of listening to people was violated because rumors circulated in the media about assumptions and what people thought about the attacks some of which were false hence violating the rules.
Covello, V. (2007) Effective Risk and Crisis Communication during Water Security Emergencies. Summary Report of EPA sponsored Message Mapping Workshops.
Lindsay, B. (2011) Social Medias and Disasters: Current Uses, Future Options and Policy Considerations .Congressional Research Service. Read More
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