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The communication theories explain the systematic structures in which the society is able to maintain order through communication. The study is based on the theme…
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Summarize Comm Theories
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Summary al Affiliation) In this week’s reading, Woodland discusses the communication theories that enhance information processing. The communication theories explain the systematic structures in which the society is able to maintain order through communication. The study is based on the theme that there exists a scientific approach in which human beings obtain and decode information to improve communication. In addition, the study of communication and social order is the structure of knowledge that molds human motives. According to Bedminster, (1962), human beings tend to attach meanings to information in an attempt to achieve self-maintenance.
The study of the scientific interpretation of information is supported by both the Schema Theory and the ELM. According to Woodland, (2011), the Schema Theory explains how human beings maintain sanity amid the information tide. The human mind is able to decode information and relate it to previous experiences to enhance communication. The ELM supports the Schema Theory by explaining that human beings do interpret information when they want to, but rely on signals that are unrelated to the information (Woodland, 2011).
The study about communication and social order adopts a cross-sectional design methodology. The study has no time frame and it relies on comparisons to provide a visual image of the scientific interpretation of information. The major findings of the study relate communication to a system of mental focus whereby meanings are attached to information. In addition, social order is improved when there are forms that improve the social experience through communication.
The findings are congruent with the communication theories discussed; hence resonate with my knowledge about communication and social order. The text supports the major theme that; through a scientific approach, human beings are able to interpret information and evaluate it through previous experiences for self-maintenance and social order. Read More
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Summarize Comm Theories Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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