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Analysis of Human Resource and Resource Based View of the Firm Article - Assignment Example

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"Analysis of Human Resource and Resource-Based View of the Firm Article" paper critically examines the journal paper about RBV and HR. The paper present a summary of the paper and then goes on to analyze it, the strengths and weaknesses are presented to critically evaluate the paper…
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Analysis of Human Resource and Resource Based View of the Firm Article
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Human Resource and Resource Based View of the Firm Article"

Download file to see previous pages The basic aim of this paper is to see how theories of RBV have affected strategic HRM literature. The paper suggests that although the fields have been defined separately by many authors, it can’t be denied that they have started merging as one field in many aspects. The paper in question critically examines many other papers that have come out recently on this topic. The results of this paper suggest some new findings and an emphasis on previous literature findings regarding the convergence of both fields. The paper delivers that future will see the emergence of a new field that will include both concepts. The paper also goes on to say that the development of RBV literature in SHRM has not been predicted by the researcher and it happened in the past 10 years. The emergence of and mixing of such literature has helped convergence of both fields. And researchers realized that both fields have much more to share in literature. The implications of RBV are very much part of Strategic HR as RBV is focused on using the firm’s resources to gain competitive advantage.

The paper also discusses in detail the papers that have come out criticizing strategic human resources or human resource roles in making the company’s strategy. One part of the researchers feels that HR has no or very little role in forming a company’s strategy. The paper also presents papers that have come out saying that Human resource tools have a very significant part in forming the company’s strategy. Those papers suggest that the company’s most important assets are human/people and if given the right tools to HR, it can help to form a company’s strategy and give it a competitive advantage.

The paper also discusses the empirical researches that have been carried out in academia as well as many papers that discuss HR has any role in gaining a competitive advantage. The paper tries to link the tools presented in these papers to the resource-based view of the firm. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Analysis of Human Resource and Resource Based View of the Firm Article Assignment, n.d.)
Analysis of Human Resource and Resource Based View of the Firm Article Assignment.
(Analysis of Human Resource and Resource Based View of the Firm Article Assignment)
Analysis of Human Resource and Resource Based View of the Firm Article Assignment.
“Analysis of Human Resource and Resource Based View of the Firm Article Assignment”.
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