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Recommended Action The major issue in the case study is the budget problem of the City of Urbanopolis due to the overspending of the departments and the unnecessary positions filled up within the organization. The necessary actions that must be implemented include the streamlining of the positions which equates to the planned reduction-in-force (RIF) and the enforcement of cost-effective means to reduce the expenditures of the city…
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Download file to see previous pages Issues There are many existing problems within the organizational structure of the City of Urbanopolis which is made even more challenging by the proliferation of items that cannot be supported by the allotted budget of the city. Furthermore, the city is experiencing a rough patch in its financial capability to support all the employees that make up the structure of the local government. There are superfluous positions that can no longer be continued as they take up funds that could otherwise go to more significant use. The challenges posed by problematic employees, if not addressed, could only cause a rift to the functions that they serve and the people that seek their services. Those who are incompetent and are unwilling to perform their jobs according to their purpose must not be tolerated and their review according to the policies and as agreed upon by the labor unions and the company should keep them in check. There are also other technological necessities that come with the improvement of the office and though this may be foregone, as suggested by Francesca Molleda the Budget Analyst, taking a second look at the possibility of acquiring funds to purchase the requested computer units would not hurt in the slightest. I have been promoted as the new Human Resources Director of the City of Urbanopolis and as the first order of business the need to address the budget problems which can be correlated to personnel issues was assigned to me by instruction of the city officials. I am writing this memo as a means of communicating the most appropriate actions that I perceive will best suit the needs of the organization in tackling the city’s financial problems and simultaneously eliminating redundant positions that only take up a slice of the financial allotment without delivering much result. This recommendation is founded upon the basis of employing the most appropriate standards according to existing collective bargaining agreements and in accordance with the law. My most sensible recommendation is to delete excessive positions which may be handled by one person instead of two or more. This is basically streamlining the organizational chart and encouraging a multi-tasked type of positions which will equate to fewer people on the payroll thus directly addressing the appointed task of resolving budget problems as instructed by the City Manager, Chris Sedgefield. The overage positions seem to be a major source of headache as suggested by Molleda and they may be let go in accordance with their performance reviews by their superiors. People such as Jay Devonridge, Vera Mobley, Hugh Parks and Terry Preston are among those occupying overage positions and are not performing well on their jobs. They should be given notice as part of the RIF. However, certain overage employees such as Barney Fromm and Echo Jameson are performing exceptionally well and are showing great potential in their work. It would be a great waste to let them go so their respective heads should further evaluate whether they should keep their current positions if possible or transfer them to another position that will also let them grow as employees. Janice Brock, another overage employee and a Secretary III, would be another case of difficult decision to let go as she seems to be performing quite well in her ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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At first, I thought 3 of pages is too much for such a subject. But now I see it could not be done better. As the author starts you see the depth of the topic. I’ve read all at once. Wonderful essay


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