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Concepts of Learning And the Factors That Affect Student Learning - Essay Example

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Learning is the acquisition of new knowledge skills, behaviour, preferences or understanding, it may also involve the synthesis of different information. This ability is present in machines, humans and animals. This paper seeks to examine the learning experience and how it affects students…
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Concepts of Learning And the Factors That Affect Student Learning
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"Concepts of Learning And the Factors That Affect Student Learning"

Download file to see previous pages This report sresses that the humanistic approach by respecting the human undertone it recognizes the individual differences and in effect helps learners in performing well. The teachers are also motivated to perform in the same respect. This is a positive attribute of the approach which serves to underscore the importance of humanity. The school of humanism postulates that individuals have internal drives that push them to achieve their goals. In a learning environment it is understood that it is in the interest of the participants to succeed. Both the teachers and the students aspire to be successful in the pursuit of their goals. While the teaching staffs aspire to rise through the ranks in their careers, the student community desires to excel in their studies. The benefits of the theory have been transferred to other professions. These fields include theory, economics, or other business courses.
This paper makes a conclusion that learning is an ongoing process in human lives. On the basis of humanity, the ‘feeling good’ effect is paramount in scaling greater heights in the learning cycle. Other schools like cognitive can also be useful in explaining the learning process. The acquisition of new knowledge is quite beneficial and it should be encouraged irrespective of the method employed. Through the use of both summative and formative assessments, the level of progression made in the learning experience can be determined. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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