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For this reason, businesses research and experience on various approaches; among these, employee engagement has continued to feature prominently…
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Human Resource Management Discussions #2
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Employee Engagement Introduction Modern business approaches are often aimed at enhancing effectiveness and efficiency in the performance of its employees (Noe, 2006). For this reason, businesses research and experience on various approaches; among these, employee engagement has continued to feature prominently in most businesses.
Employee engagement, as practiced by some businesses refers to the process by which business organisations use strategies that make employees become be absorbed fully in their work with enthusiasm (Albrecht, 2010). In this case, the employee takes all the necessary steps to ensure that a business; interests and reputation are advanced in all work practices.
Employee engagement practices have become important assets belonging to the relationship between the employees and the organisations itself. In this case, organisations that have high rates of employee engagement perform much better than those whose engagement rates with its employees are low (Eigenhuis & Dijk, 2008).
In my previous work experience, I have once been fully engaged in my performance; I was in charge of the marketing department in a company the manufactured and sold computer software to business organisations. The human resource department in the company was very friendly and understanding. My close association with the department head made him notice that I was passionate about the internet.
In engaging me fully, I was given the liberty to advance business goals while doing other personal activities online. This was what I wanted to do most; I managed to carry out the business goals effectively and passionately, while I enjoyed social networking. During my time the department grew and expanded tremendously because of my dedicated service to the company in a very accommodating atmosphere.
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