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Human Resources Policies and Management - Research Paper Example

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Recent discussions in the glocalisation literature have turned this into a huge HR issue. Most scholars centre their arguments on internal policies of templates versus guidelines to help regional divisions replicate HR practices from headquarters or other parts of MNCs…
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Human Resources Policies and Management
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Download file to see previous pages The problem, however, is that most MNCs still view the two factors as competing and therefore end up sacrificing one for the other instead of using one to enhance the other. Investigations into the HR policies of American MNCs like GE have shown that most of them are still caught up between using systems and going with people (Brewster, Wood, and Brookes, 2008:329). As a result, they suppress one – most often people – and create systems that end up failing due to poor staff development in regional units. Based on past and current research, it is safe to infer that MNCs should approach glocalisation with seriousness because it is a major challenge. The process is time and labour intensive, and a majority of MNCs are still not ready to plunge in the uncertain area of replication. More studies show that MNCs should take their time to plan the whole process discretely because the concept tends to be different from the practical aspect of it. HR experts argue that while some HR policies are not fit across different regions, some are (Kaynak and Fulmer, 2013:23). If successfully replicated, they can help exploit economies of scope and scale – providing uniform platforms, increased knowledge sharing among staff, informal beliefs and lower redundancies. An example of such practices is official job orientation for new workers or salary surveys employed in determining external equity. Although they may need to be adapted to suit each culture, such policies are a replication of a particular practice if the central principles are still applied. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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