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Human Resource Management in a Business Context - Essay Example

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This essay describes human resource management in a modern business context. The researcher of this essay discusses the program ‘The Secret Policeman Returns’, that unveils racial discrimination and ethnic differences among police officers in United Kingdom…
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Human Resource Management in a Business Context
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Extract of sample "Human Resource Management in a Business Context"

Download file to see previous pages This essay focuses on the discussion of the racial discrimination in police, that is one of the problems affected human relations and work productivity. The most insidious prejudices are negative attitudes directed toward groups of people. They take the form of assumptions or generalizations about all or most members of a particular group. This kind of in-group versus out-group hostility that disrupts work unit interactions and subverts organization effectiveness. The behaviors, customs, and values of out-group people are labeled strange or weird. Verbal misunderstandings are frequently the beginning of problems between culturally different police officers. Most police officers fear things and people who are different and they often verbally strike out or physically lash out in an aggressive manner to protect themselves. Aggressive discourse occurs as dominant-group members verbalize negative feelings toward minority-group members, and vice versa. The researcher states that effective communication and diversity training initiatives are the main methods, which help to eliminate racial envy and ethnic differences in police. The absence of positive conversations about particular minorities can usually be correlated to the absence or underrepresentation of these individuals in the workplaces in question. In conclusion, the researcher mentiones that racial discrimination is unlawful and illegal, so police administration should take corrective actions to avoid further dissemination and victimization of racial minorities. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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