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Evaluating human resource management - Essay Example

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A large number of firms and organizations are offering flexible working arrangements for their employees,as a strategy to retain them by satisfying them to an extent.These
arrangements help the employee in maintaining balance life between career and family,this way it motivates the employees to give productive results …
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Evaluating human resource management
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Download file to see previous pages A large number of firms and organizations are offering flexible working arrangements for their employees, as a strategy to retain them by satisfying them to an extent. These
arrangements help the employee in maintaining balance life between career and family, this way it motivates the employees to give productive results by working in an efficient manner. Although the advantages derived from flexible working arrangement are considerable, still due to a large number of reasons it is not carried out in an efficient manner in the firms. In this paper, we address the benefits derived by firms by opting flexible working arrangements, the issues faced by them and the various methods by which the obstacles can be overcome. The data was derived upon after referring to surveys which were done in the past and also based on the results of the questionnaire which was filled in by the professional employees.The term ‘human resourcing’ is used to describe a set of principles through which the strategic possibilities of an organization’s workforce and employment structure is evaluated. The methodologies of human resourcing derive from two concerns (Zeytinoglu,1999) :1. The auditing of current human resources in relation to possible future product/ service and labor market scenarios.2. The promotion and maintenance of optimal human resource performance through the management of work patterns and organization structures....
This approach rested on three sequential
steps (Catalyst,1997):
1. An estimation of the organization's future manpower needs in terms of numbers and
skill composition.
2. An analysis of labor flows into, within and out of the organization, and the ability of
relevant labor markets to supply existing or future demands.
3. The identification of gaps between supply and demand and the development of
policies to 'close' these.
The need to consider strategic planning for human resources has been recognized in
the HR literature over the last couple of decades and more recently by chief executives
and senior HR specialists. Various external factors - such as move towards
globalization, changing economic trends, changes in the demographic-make up of the
labor force and the shortage of key skills, knowledge and experience - have
contributed to the urgency with which the subject is now debated. Also there is a
realization between organizations of the changing and more 'flexible' nature of the
workforce and their need to combine diverse careers with their personal lives.

In essence manpower planning has been associated with a
more tactical approach of getting the right people, with the right skills, in the right
place, at the right time. The definition of 'right' is not made in the literature, but
should be taken to mean 'what is right for a particular organization'. Part of the
difficulty with this rationale is its static nature, where people are seen as a cost to the
organization (Walsh, 1999) instead of an investment. The focus of manpower planning
is on management and control. It usually includes various ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Evaluating Human Resource Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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