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Create a fictional NGO and social media strategy for one of its campaigns - Essay Example

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Non profit organization makes use of diverse social media strategies for its publicity and spreading their message. The widespread of Breast cancer among teenager females has become one of the major issue and…
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Create a fictional NGO and social media strategy for one of its campaigns
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Download file to see previous pages Breast cancer is one of the prevailing common cancers in the world that affects lives of thousands of women every year. The rate of breast cancer among developed countries is three times more than the less developed countries (Azenha, Bass & Caleffi 2011). Red is a non profit organization that aims to spread awareness in order to improve the lives of the women who are suffering from breast cancer (Zillmann 2008). In addition, the organization aims to spread awareness among the young females in schools and universities about the disease and controlling measures. Red aims to create breast cancer awareness campaign among the teenagers and women in the well developed countries because mortality rate due to breast cancer in developed countries is because of lack of quality information, regular screening and prevention methods.. Therefore, the organization aims to raise public awareness and educate patient through using social media (Breuer, Napthine & OShea 2008). People are more inclined towards social media than the other mediums, such as, newspapers, magazines, etc. Herein, to adequate the changing trend and pattern of the masses social media strategies have been adopted for the campaign to increase its publicity and raise awareness. The initial diagnose and treatment of Breast Cancer can help saving lives of thousands of women all around the world (Azenha, Bass & Caleffi 2011). Therefore, the main focus of the campaign shall remain the young females from different schools and universities (Barker, Borman & Neher 2012). It is expected that the greater knowledge of Breast Cancer shall lead to early detection of disease which can asses with the high and long term survival rate. In addition, the campaign shall raise funds for the patients that belong from low income families suffering from disease to provide reliable and permanent cure.
Rate of breast cancer among developed countries is more than the less developed countries therefore ‘Red’ breast ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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