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Research PR practice in disease campaign : comparing different gender specific disease campaigns (Movember and Pink Ribbons) - Dissertation Example

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Comparing the Contents and Appeal of Different Gender Specific Disease Campaigns: Movember and Pink Ribbons. by Department of Media and Communication University of Leicester Dissertation submitted for the degree of MA Mass Communications 2012/2013 ABSTRACT Approaches to promote awareness of health issues, which burden society differ in intensity and magnitude…
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Research PR practice in disease campaign : comparing different gender specific disease campaigns (Movember and Pink Ribbons)
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Extract of sample "Research PR practice in disease campaign : comparing different gender specific disease campaigns (Movember and Pink Ribbons)"

Download file to see previous pages The purpose of this study is to examine the parameters of gender based disease campaign structure and management to compare magnitude of the components. In order to research Public Relations practices in gender based disease campaigns, a survey was taken to solicit the opinions of people from different sectors of life regarding the Movember and Pink Ribbon public disease campaigns. The results of the survey and research of pertinent literature arecontrasted to obtain any differences between the two approaches and the effectiveness of them.The results of the research will serve as a platform of recommendations for improvement strategies of organization structures and for further research. Word Count: 56 pages ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS (Queen ABSTRACT 2 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS 4 LIST OF FIGURES & TABLES 6 CHAPTER 1.0 INTRODUCTION 8 1.1 Cancer: The Disease 10 1.2 Cancer Symptoms and Statistics 12 CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW ………….14 2.1 Chapter Overview 14 2.2 Medical Background 25 CHAPTER 3 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 27 3.1 Overview of Chapter 27 3.2 Research Questions 30 3.2 Research Objectives 31 3.3 Data Collection Methods 31 3.3.1 Questionnaires 32 3.3.2 Evaluation 33 3.2 Limitation of the Study 34 3.4Survey 36 4.0 Analysis 38 4.1 Chapter Overview 38 4.2 Interpreting the Results 39 4.3 Discussion 39 6.0 CONCLUSION 52 BIBLIOGRAPHY 54 APPENDIX A 69 APPENDIX B 70 APPENDIX C 72 LIST OF FIGURES AND TABLES Table 1…Increase in rates of cancer in the last 50 years, (Desciense 2009) ………..13 Table 2……Men’s Health Factors 1 (Movember 2013)…………………17 Table 3 ……Movember Global Summary, (Movember 2013)………………………………….71 Table 4…..Evaluation Methods of Campaign Activity, (O’Neil 2008)…….70 Figures Figure 1…..Cover Photo. Breast Cancer Awareness Button. ABC. (2013). ABC Badges and Buttons. ……………………………………………………………………………………………. Figure 2…..Cover Photo. Mr Mustache. Etsy. (2013)……………………………………………… Figure 3…..Online Campaign Questionnaire………………………………………………………… Figure 4…..Fictional Campaign Simplified Logical Model, (O’Neill, 2008)……………. Figure 5….. Figure 6….. CHAPTER 1 1.0 INTRODUCTION Each nation makes its greatest attempt to meet the basic needs of its society. No idealistic policy will address all of the needs of everyone, but instead will institute the greater good for society. A utopian society is the society that accepts this fact. A nation whose people are in riotous turmoil challenges this truth; declaring human nature and human imperfections as unjust. Not only can human rights be ignored or violated, but also used to exploit or institute other agendas. In medicine, gender interacts with the social, economic and biological determinants and repercussions of diseases to project health outcomes that are not the same for women as they are for men (Vlassoff, 2007). This paper will provide a juxtaposition of the approaches from the male and the female point of view by using the Movember and Pink Ribbon gender based disease campaigns as examples. People rally for the things that are important to them in different ways. Popular methods include protests, campaigns, rallies and boycotts. Campaigns underscore the importance of perspective or condition, requiring society to take heed and to give some credence to a particular cause. Campaigns for the benefit of the community generally use advocacy or information techniques to accomplish specific goals. Public advocacy and information campaigns typically use either ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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