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Health advocacy refers to the process through which the activities of a group or an individual’s attempt to bring about organizational or social change on behalf of a given heal goal, interest, program or organization (Anderiesz, Elwood, & Hill, 2006).
At present, cancer is…
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Developing a Health Advocacy Campaign
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Download file to see previous pages ively developing field, but it is already rich in information that can be put into use and efficiently enhance prevention, early detection, early diagnosis, early intervention and efficient treatment and palliative care. There are so many forms of cancer currently, but the major causes of alarm are breast cancer, cervical cancer and prostate cancer. Mentioning these three does not underestimate the capacity of the other cancers to attack and harm human beings. The hallmark of tumor cells is the ability to divide continuously without dying like the normal cells. Although cancers affect people of all age and gender, it mostly focuses on older people and women are affected most by cancers such as breast and the cervical cancer (Penley, 2009). Women being the main sufferers of some of these cancers make them unique people in this field. Men are also equally affected by cancer especially the elderly men, therefore, a common characteristic among men and women suffering from cancer is relatively similar age. It is, therefore, justifiable to argue that age, principally past 45 is a special people as long as cancer is concerned.
This health advocacy campaign for cancer is targeted at United States population that is currently affected enormously by the cancer nightmare. The advocacy campaign is specially oriented to persuade the U.S government to implement the cancer health policies that will help in preventing, screening, diagnosing and controlling cancer in the United States population. The legislators targeted are the president, national congress, health minister and the states congress.
This advocacy program is concerned with improving the prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment and better palliative procedures and has been successful in Australia and New Zealand (Anderiesz, Elwood, & Hill, 2006). The program focuses on pressurizing the government to introduce new policies and strength those that are present so as to ensure control of deaths arising from cancer ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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