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Legislative initiative plan from Senator Anirete Flores -strategies for Nursing - Assignment Example

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In the contemporary society, there is the need for the Health Sector ned to implement public policies that are effective in dealing social determinants of health (SDH). This is critical in minimizing inequalities in health care. This paper envisions the adoption of a Social…
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Legislative initiative plan from Senator Anirete Flores -strategies for Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages ption of this framework would illustrate a significant shifting in emphasizing from an illness based health care system to a better-based system that focuses on prevention of chronic and illness disease by addressing the social determinants of health.
The choice of the elected official was based on the qualifications and the ability to handle the required task. The selection was based on the official’s understanding of social determinants of health in general. The reason for choosing this official was attributed to the senate role in the legislative chamber besides being a part of the U.S. Congress. Choosing the official provided assurance of handling the issue effectively. For instant, it was only through the chosen senator that funds could be allocated to tobacco-related disease research in Florida. It is expected the funds would offer support to an intervention program of smoking for those who fall into the category of low income, for instance, women from Spain. The funds were meant to assist women who had just given birth to avoid smoking.
The volunteer duties were mainly to work with the official in an effort to solve the problem. The first role was to make the problem known to the public and the senate in particular. It was also the volunteers’ role to initiate volunteering activities that would implicate the degree of the situation by encouraging those in need or faced by the problem by addressing what results to such problems (Canadian Medical Association , 2013). It was also the role of the volunteers to excavate the problem particularly to the senator.
The senator was meant to address the problem based on the existing healthy polices, which entails the plans, decision, as well as actions undertaken to reach the intended health care goal. In this regard, problems in the Public Health Policy was considered as a major policy issue that could be addressed effectively by the selected official (Killian, 2015). The senator was seen as a good advocate ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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