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Legislative Healthcare Reforms - Essay Example

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The cost of providing medical care has over become a burden to the majority of the common American because individual coverage is mostly expensive and is sometimes unavailable due to pre-existing conditions…
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Legislative Healthcare Reforms
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Extract of sample "Legislative Healthcare Reforms"

Legislative healthcare reforms The cost of providing medical care has over become a burden to the majority of the common American because individualcoverage is mostly expensive and is sometimes unavailable due to pre-existing conditions. More funds should be spent on preventive care rather than treating the chronic conditions which within no time will overwhelm the federal and state budgets. Health care funds should not be spent on extending life of a terminal patient merely for the sake of it. Nutrition is fundamental therefore the legislation and health care initiatives aiming to improve the health of Americans should ensure that the issue of health literacy is tackled. The American health insurance industry should adopt the universal coverage approach that ensures so long as an individual has a policy he is covered per-existing conditions, notwithstanding. There should also be a provision for the uninsured as well. The legislation should also ensure that there are no disparities in terms of quality of medical care offered to all Americans. To mitigate the spread of chronic diseases early detection methods must be embraced and this may help to tackle the diseases early and prevent it from progressing to a more expensive and terminal condition. For any meaningful health care reforms, the emphasis should be on preventing and managing chronic conditions. There should be a standardized level of care across the country meaning that incase of similar conditions, they should warrant the same prognoses and treatment this avoids unnecessary medical procedures and expenditure. Congress need to approve additional resources aimed at building a health IT system that will aim to improve individual healthcare.
Legislation: Health Care Reforms
Sen. Jeff Bingaman's (D.-N.M.) bill, S. 1060, the Obesity Prevention, Treatment and Research Act. Content of legislation. .
Dear Mr. Senator
I am (your name) a constituent in the state of Florida Miami and I strongly support the bill by senator Bingaman which seeks to amend the state of Medicare, and medical aid for people who are obese or diagnosed as pre-diabetic. Mr. Senator I would like to bring to your attention that one in every five children and two thirds of the adults in America is either obese or overweight. These pre-existing conditions are so widespread yet most health insurers refuse to cover such individuals. Due such prejudicial practices, a recent study indicates that we currently have forty seven million Americans without insurance cover. Access to high quality healthcare is now dependent on a patience insurance status and policy. The current system of insurance coverage has loopholes and the cover currently used is inadequate to meet the people's needs. This bill seeks to address these issues and champion for the provision of the same quality of insurance for every American under the universal coverage plan. This bill once enacted will change the role of dieticians and dietetic technicians they will be registered are recognized as providers of the best quality nutrition care and services. As I draft this letter, it appears the House of Representatives will consider the health reform bill sometime this fall I hope you will support this bill once it come to the senate for debate. Thank you for taking your time to read this letter.

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Legislative Healthcare Reforms Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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