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Teamwork is usually effective because it makes task completion easier as individuals combine efforts to deal with a common challenge. For…
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Teamwork Teamwork Teamwork or handling of tasks as a group is one of the most important aspects of a successful organization since it is highly effective. Teamwork is usually effective because it makes task completion easier as individuals combine efforts to deal with a common challenge. For instance, if individuals work in a group of five to complete an organizational assignment, they would complete it much faster and in a better way than a single individual would have done. This is because each individual in the group contributes different ideas that at times lead to innovation.
Introduction of teamwork in the organization is a gradual process that requires patience and hard work both from the employees and their supervisors. To accomplish this as the supervisor, I would apply a four-step procedure that mostly involves training to show the importance of teamwork. The first step would involve developing the mindset by establishing a weekly training to improve team skills (Stanton, Baber & Harris, 2008). During this step, I would work towards showing the employees that all individuals’ ideas are valuable and the communication skills would be improved in this step. In the second step, I would engage the employees extensively by asking questions that require several individuals to consult each other. Here, I would encourage all members to participate. Third, I would then train them to resolve conflicts, which are the main barriers to success. During this step, I would refrain from giving my ideas until the trainees have given and evaluated theirs. The trainees deal with the issues that would get in the way of achieving success, thus becoming good problem solvers (Stanton et al., 2008. The final step would incorporate brainstorming solutions where all ideas are evaluated to encourage the spirit of innovation. This would take a period of approximately 12 months to develop reliable teams.
Several challenges can be encountered when developing team players. One of the challenges includes domineering personalities where certain individuals dominate discussions in the group. This can be resolved by creating time limitations on contributions and ensuring that all members get a chance to contribute. Secondly, conflicts are a frequent occurrence when developing teams. Conflicts occur in the form of disagreements and can be resolved by teaching the individuals to respect all members’ ideas and disagreeing politely and reasonably. The last challenge is ineffective communication where members communicate in a vague way. Identifying issues affecting communication and resolving them can resolve this.
Stanton, N., Baber, C., & Harris, D. (2008). Modelling command and control: Event analysis
of systemic teamwork. Aldershot, Hampshire, England: Ashgate. Read More
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