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Significance Of Teamwork In Organizational Competitiveness - Case Study Example

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A team is an active group of people who share a common goal, which makes them work and support each other for the benefit of all. The writer of the paper "Significance Of Teamwork In Organizational Competitiveness" discusses the positive side of the teamwork…
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Significance Of Teamwork In Organizational Competitiveness
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Download file to see previous pages Members of the teams benefit from knowledge sharing, which is important in career development and workplace learning.
Teams may or may not be effective depending on their formation and leadership. Successful teamwork is characterized by a high team spirit in which every member is contented and willing to take part in accomplishing the tasks. Moreover, the employees working in a successful team tend to be enthusiastic about identifying with it. They also demonstrate loyalty to its leadership as well as among each other, as well as a willingness to work together. Everyone is usually focused on the accomplishment of a shared vision and owns the goals of the team. For this reason, organizations that promote strong teamwork are able to maintain competitiveness by offering effective services to the customers. Beardwell & Holden (2001) observe that customers are attracted to an organization in which they are served in a similar manner regardless of the staff member that deals with them. This paper presents a critique of the view that teamwork is always positive. It highlights U.S and UK organizations that exhibit teamwork in the workforce. It also compares these organizations with others that operate in the international markets
Many organizations engage in projects targeted at particular target segments in the market and hence the strategies for the accomplishment of particular organizational goals need to be understood by all the people involved among the workforce. For example, if an organization has engaged 12 people as marketing representatives, it is important for them to work as a marketing team that is composed of employees with similar objectives. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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