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Teamwork: Role of Business Consultants in Organisations - Essay Example

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This paper seeks to discuss importance and limitations of teamwork in organizations from the perspective of a business consultant. The best team cultures develop where team members recognize that everyone else also has an important value to contribute to the team success…
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Teamwork: Role of Business Consultants in Organisations
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Download file to see previous pages  Moreover, teamwork in business is used to classify how people work and cooperate. An effective teamwork in any business enhances output and customer satisfaction is likely to be achieved. In addition, members or employee in an organization who are involved in a well-run business are more likely to point out the weakness in particular line of production. This is essential, as the problem will not reach the customer before being tackled. To maintain team spirit in an organization or company there should be well-set rules for engagement to avoid conflict that may arise in various forms of engagement. A team where there is no conflict or cause of the alarm is likely to achieve way above its set goals. Additionally, teamwork calls for a united front and approach to issues in an organization. In a team, there is no thing like the one it is not possible. Moreover, when it comes to profit sharing equality is achieved with no complain from individuals involved. Any problem or issue that arises is brought on board and member contributions in a team are geared towards solving it. In such scenario, any activities in an organization function as if only one person handles it. Consequently, high quality is achieved in the line of duty and issue of low standards is minimized. Additionally, division of labor is effective, each member is assigned particular role based on competence and experience. Furthermore, in such arrangement, there is clear chain of command, supervisory, and therefore, managerial role becomes minimal.  In a team responsibility, and authority sharing is achieved in a cordial manner. Overall, a united team lays foundation for good team building and team spirit. The most important thing in a team is division of labor. Teamwork provides an opportunity for equal and fair distribution of work in an organization. Such arrangements as gives one a chance to perform a duty with the best efficiency possible. Consequently, the whole team is able to meet deadlines and make deliveries on time. Moreover, division of labor is of significance as it allows one an opportunity to notice any failure in the whole process. In addition, duplication of roles and responsibilities is minimized. In an effective team, individual responsibility is an integral process for the whole team success. Consequently, individual strive to excel ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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