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Hypothesis and Research Question - Case Study Example

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The use of social media sites, particularly Twitter and Facebook to communicate with friends and family and to meet new people has had a noticeable effect in interactions. For some individuals who are passionate users of social media sites, companionships are sustained without…
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Hypothesis and Research Question
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Download file to see previous pages For this paper, I expect that more is uncovered to understand the benefits, the consequences, and most importantly, the challenges of this new addictive technological way of communicating.
It is interesting to note that even though the young generation in particular tends to enjoy most the benefits of Facebook and twitter, the literature review has focused on the dangers of being addicted to social media. This has resulted in online social networking and demands increased accountability and regulation of providers of the two major sites. Early reviews or studies suggested that online communication had negative effects on the user by reducing face-to-face contact and increasing the level of loneliness. More recent study shows that social media addiction leads to a new generation with egocentric-based approach to life, overdependence, and the addiction only acts to compound these eventualities (Zemmels, 15).
Through the use of the Survey method and content analysis method of research, I predict that a huge percentage of facebook and Twitter addicts tend to spend less than an hour on the sites daily. The most exciting part is what the media addicts do to stay online though they could have had bad experiences. However, such experiences are managed through means such as blocking the disturbing person from contacting, indicating that such experiences make them to consider mechanisms to avoid the bad experiences in future in order to continue with the same business on the sites.
Content analysis: It entails a mixture of quantitative and qualitative research methods that focus on messages, making it able for users to quantify information by use of frequency counts and percentages. Any kind of content can be analyzed, including focus groups, television programming, interviews, editorials, and news releases.
The population that would be used for the research are generally social media users who increasingly use Facebook and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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