Globalization has/has not worsened the Global North-South gap - Research Proposal Example

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Globalization appears to be an extremely obscure term and various individuals may use it to in distinctive contexts to portray the settings under which they operate. Largely, globalization may be referred to as in the larger context to relate to the consistent learning procedure…
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Globalization has/has not worsened the Global North-South gap
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Extract of sample "Globalization has/has not worsened the Global North-South gap"

Globalization has/has not worsened the Global North-South gap Introduction Globalization appears to be an extremely obscure term and various individuals may use it to in distinctive contexts to portray the settings under which they operate. Largely, globalization may be referred to as in the larger context to relate to the consistent learning procedure adopted by firms in the enhancement of developmental prospects (Scholte 87-92). This study shall be concerned with the determination of the effect of globalization in relation to whether it has worsened the global north-south gap. This study shall be guided by research hypothesis based on the subject, as well as objectives designed in relation to the research questions for the study.
Research Hypothesis
This study shall be directed by the following null and alternative hypotheses:
Null hypothesis (H0): Globalization has worsened the global north-south gap.
Alternative hypothesis (HA): Globalization has not worsened the global north-south gap.
Broadly, these hypotheses can be categorized into other aspects as indicated below for a further understanding of the research topic. First, globalization leads to a growing global gap between the north and the south. Second, the global gap between the north and the south may be understood in the context of globalization as tending towards complexity and crisis (Weinstein 106-109).
Discipline 1
The importance of globalization on different disciplines and perspectives is much bigger as it will aid in the resolving of various growth and development aspects in the country, particularly in showing how globalization has an effect on them. The main primary economic dimensions of globalization that shall be highlighted in this study are trade, finance, aid, migration, and ideas.
Discipline 2
The impacts of globalization on culture and the impact of culture on globalization merit discussion expounding on how it would affect the discipline. Globalization has financial roots and partisan significances, but it also has conveyed the authority of values in this universal environment (Pang 45-48).
Definition of Terms
a. Globalization- In the context of this study, the term is used to refer to the practice of collaboration and incorporation among individuals, establishments, and administrations of diverse nations. The process is driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology (Steger 78-82).
b. International relations: In the context of this study, the concept relates to the mutual relations that exist between different countries; hence, enabling the attainment of sufficient economic benefits among nations.
Key Anticipated Variables: Globalization being an independent variable the research will display the factors that will revolve around it showing its effects; thus displaying its impacts on the global gap between the north and the south (Weinstein 145-148).
Other variables anticipated in this study include economic growth of the nation, technological advancements of countries and aggregate income of the two countries.
Key Anticipated Unit of Analysis: The unit of analysis for these variables shall be in understanding the relative impacts of globalization on the various aspects of the countries. These units shall entails understandings into the social relations between the north and the south. Other units of analysis shall include the humans and the organizations (Lechner 102-106).
Research Plan: This study shall employ a descriptive statistics form of research that shall entail the obtainment of data from the secondary sources.
Globalization as a widely discussed concept may be understood from different perspectives. However, it has real effects on the economic, social and political relations of countries (Scholte 133-138). In this study, the concern shall be on the understanding of the effect that globalization has on the global gap between the north and the south.
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