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The modern professional world is very competitive and the success of an individual and an organization depends on both oral and written communication ability. Written communication is particularly essential and one should have the ability to write clearly and use the right words…
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Communication in professional contexts
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Communication in Professional Contexts Question The modern professional world is very competitive and the success of an individual and an organization depends on both oral and written communication ability. Written communication is particularly essential and one should have the ability to write clearly and use the right words at the right place to convey the intended message.
Clear writing enables the writer to communicate logically and be able to express one’s thoughts without ambiguity. Clarity in writing brings forth the use of proper pronunciation and the right word order. It makes the information written to be precise and easy to read through thus the reader will understand the sentences written with ease. Clarity enhances consistency in conveying written information. Consistency leads to the writing of effective sentences as the words therein are interlinked and well planned. Consistency in writing avoids the use of unnecessary phrases and presents precise ideas. A consistent sentence has positive effects on the reader since its simple and has a clear meaning. Writing clearly promotes conciseness in the sentences written and the brevity presents one’s wit.
Clear, concise and consistent work reduces unnecessary correspondence from the reader; as such, Smith-Worthington& Jefferson (2011) argued that all correspondence, which is brief, gets the goodwill of the reader and creates admiration. According to Sant (2008), the success of a firm is based on ability to communicate effectively to other stakeholders and this is promoted by clarity in writing. To enhance one’s ability to write clearly one should avoid using unnecessary words and lengthy statements lacking a clear meaning, and they should express a single idea in each sentence. Additionally, the words in the sentences should be arranged logically, the writer should avoid the use of passive voice and use only active since it is easy to understand and finally ambiguous sentences should not be used as they limit the clarity (Tyagi & Misra, 2011).
In conclusion, a writer should give much attention to ensure clarity of his work as it contributes to consistency, conciseness and good flow of logic. This in turns promotes admiration and goodwill to the reader.
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Question 2
Very often, an employee’s personal beliefs are at odds with the ethics at the work place and attention should be given on the best solution when such situations arise. Work ethics are because of the agreed professional codes of organizations while the personal beliefs and opinions are a blend of the upbringing in the family environment, one’s culture, education background and the held religious beliefs.
Eunson (2012) argued that the current situation in the workplace makes it very hard for one to make sound ethical decisions. An example of an ethical dilemma at the work place covered by Corbin (2012) is that of two students from America who went for a social work internship in Northern Uganda. The students had grown up in the American culture, which is individualistic, hence they were not used to group co-operation. The working environment in Uganda exposed them to different expectations, those of a collectivist culture.
The students had to learn how to work with groups since that was the basis of success unlike in America where success was analysed on individual level. They had to stick to the social expectations since in Uganda, the social and professional aspects were interconnected and the former was believed to contribute to growth of professional relations. As a result, they referred to their director as “mama” and had to greet her always. It was quite a dilemma for the students to settle for the collectivistic culture over their personal preference to individualistic but the working environment expected them to settle for the former. Despite the challenge in attaining a balance in the dilemma, as the employee should be lawful and refrain from harming others (Dwyer, 2009).
In conclusion, for one to remain relevant in their work place they should analyse the ethical issues arising, get the facts about the conflicts, evaluate all the possible alternative solutions and finally make a decision on the best alternative that will be productive for oneself and the organization.
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Communication in Professional Contexts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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