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Disciplinary Literacies. Communication - Essay Example

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Communication is one of the most significant tools to successful organizations and teams. Its role in offering directions, deliberations, and awareness is evident in my chosen field, finance, which involves need for information towards analysis, documentation of results of analyses, and dissemination and application of developed knowledge from such analyses. …
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Disciplinary Literacies. Communication
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Extract of sample "Disciplinary Literacies. Communication"

Download file to see previous pages Many sources of information exist that define writing and literacy in the field. A review of finance journal articles, documentations from finance oriented professional organizations, and experiences among professionals in the field are some of the sources of information for evaluating literacy in the finance field. Advertisement is one of the forms of communication that promote literacy in the field. Financial institutions depend on operations from their clients, such as deposits, withdrawal, and funds’ transfer in which service fees are charged on consumers and advertisements market the institutions. Advertisement based communication must however be sensitive to consumers and other stakeholder’s values because improper usage is likely to generate adverse reactions from stakeholders while some cases may also lead to legal liability. An advertisement by Capital One is an example that demonstrate the scope of literacy in the finance field. The advertisement was not successful because while it sought to promote use of the organization’s credit cards, it elicited negative reactions and some of the advertiser’s clients threatened to close their accounts or stop using the cards. This identifies a reverse reaction to what Capital One had intended and the nature of expected communication in the field explain the experience. The main problem to the advertisement, as Aspan explains in the American Banker, was selection of words as Capital One sought to draw consumers’ attention. Other professionals in the field did not welcome the use of damn day and their response identifies significance of ethical standards in communication in the finance field (Aspan 1). Another important aspect of communication in the field, and one that also relates to corporate ethics, is application of polite language in communication. Whether in appreciatory correspondence or in a critical communication, a formal and courteous tone is recommended and pecuniary liability exist in cases where a person or an organization is believed to have influenced other people, or parties’ communication. Positive criticism, with the aim of correcting perceived ills is however acceptable and the case of Capital One advertisement explains this. Aspan reports calls by organizations that people criticize the advertisement but notes that the level of responsibility in such calls when One Million Moms explains that even though it called for e-mail communications to Capital One to criticize its advertisements, it did not advocate for offensive comments in the elicited communications. The article also identifies the use of mass communication and online communication in the finance industry. The experience in the conflict identifies the use of advertisement as a sales strategy, the act that stimulates the conflict. One Million Moms, in its response to the advertisement and in its attempt to restore sanity in the profession, uses its website, a mass media, to urge its members to criticize the advertisement. The organization also specifies its preferred mode of communication for reaching Capital One, email, and these acts identify a high level of literacy among stakeholders in the finance sector to promote written and online communication. The level of literacy, in the sector, is also explained through expertise ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Disciplinary Literacies. Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words)
Disciplinary Literacies. Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
“Disciplinary Literacies. Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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