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It focuses on bilingual students on their development, which is always found in their writing skills in both English, and their native language in terms of (spelling, use of descriptive language, topic…
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Different writing systems
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"Different writing systems"

Download file to see previous pages This data analysis evolves around the number of words, spellings, and other developments. Moreover, the writing development of both languages is analyzed by using the composition component of the Two-way Immersion Narrative Writing Rubric Assessment. This confirms whether the students have acquired writing skills in both their native language and English concurrently. It depicts also an example of successful development of bilingualism and bi-literacy. Majority of educators in America find it hard to connect bilingual students with their writing system due to the code-switching technique used by those students. This refers to relating of an object in the current environment with the one that the student was used to in their previous environment. Bi-literacy has many positive effects, from facilitating the acquisition of an additional written language to allowing creative uses of writing systems. While it is, noticeable those bi-literates can outperform mono-literate native speakers of their first language in L1 reading and writing. It is even more interesting that bi-literacy’s effects extend beyond written language, to include analyses of the spoken language and non-linguistic cognition. Sometimes things can go wrong, for instance, when the L2 orthographic input is misinterpreted and affects L2 pronunciation, which turns out to have positive effects. Bi-literates are also qualitatively different from mono-literates. This difference is evident in meta-linguistic awareness, but perhaps the most dramatic evidence comes from brain-imaging studies that show different activation patterns in bi-literates and mono-literates reading the same language, and from evidence that bi-literacy reduces biases in perception and thinking. Researchers need to look at bi-literates with other language combinations to enhance fairness in their decision-making and problem solving. This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Different Writing Systems Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/miscellaneous/1620344-different-writing-systems.
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