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How young children pay attention to directionality, shape, size, spatial orientation in producing different writing scripts - Essay Example

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In this instance, different writing scripts or systems or directionalities refer to the use of symbols, pictures, shapes and writing specialities by the child…
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How young children pay attention to directionality, shape, size, spatial orientation in producing different writing scripts
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Download file to see previous pages the reason why as they grow up, their primary school teacher may choose to stick to one or two writing scripts depending on the child so as to eliminate the chances that the child may be caught up in the mix of these writing scripts.
Based on that, the aim of this research essay is to gain more knowledge about bilingual learning and/ or script writing in young children; emergent literacy; the issues related to the acquisition of literacy in young children; how children learn different writing systems; writing different scripts and the design of symbols and embodied knowledge.
In a study that was conducted by Kenner et al. (2004), children who had bilingual capabilities always had the capability to communicate in between “two worlds” or “multiple worlds” for the case of those who were highly talented. In addition to that, these children had the capability to determine their unique and/ or distinct differences in their specific writing systems, other writing systems and graphic representations.
From the same study, the young children involved showcased that they were not only capable of incorporating different writing scripts into their learning experience, but they were also capable of determining the fact that they were in actual fact using different writing scripts and/ or directionalities so as to communicate efficiently. A good example is that of the Chinese children who were in a position to determine that their language involved the use of symbols and not alphabetical letters when compared to other languages such as English. In addition to that, the Arabic children were able to determine that their language was different in the sense that they wrote from right to left and not vice versa as compared to the English language. Lastly, the Hispanic children were able to determine that their language vowels were different from the English spoken vowels (Kenner et al., 2004). Based on these results, it was determined that these children were highly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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